A Sacramento News and Review article highlights Modera as one of five startup companies helping to put the Sacramento region in the international spotlight!  Because of the exposure from SN&R, Good Day Sacramento wants to review the new Modera iOS6 app!

Sacramento Techweek

All of this exciting news comes at the start of Sacramento Techweek, which kicks off May 10 and runs through Saturday May 18.  The article also highlights four other Sacramento startups in the region, including Leadwerks Engine, Marrone Bio Innovations, Chrometa and Nicolas' Garden.  I have been an ardent supporter of the Sacramento Startup Scene from the beginning, and now it is really starting to heat up!  A big part of that movement is Hacker Lab, the brainchild of Gina Lujan.  Coincidentally, Lujan is also featured on the cover of the Sacramento News & Review.

Modera is thrilled to be a part of this growing, successful and groundbreaking startup community in Sacramento, and to have sponsored events like Cereal Hack that bring together the most talented hackers, designers and coders.  Sacramento News and Review is also going to feature Modera in their “Sacramento Press Startup Column”, set to post on June 12th!

Check out Modera's New Video!

The startup community is firing up in Sacramento!  Check out these other great contributors to Sacramento's Startup Scene!

Let me know what you think of the Startup Scene in Sacramento!

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