Hoot Suite University is a learning program designed to educate people on HootSuite features and Social Media marketing best practices.

The HootSuite Certification Course is designed to help explain HootSuite's various features and how they can help you through your day to day social media operations. There are 3 courses, each with its own test:

  • HOOT100 covers the basics, everything from setting up your dashboard to sending and scheduling your first message.
  • HOOT200 teaches you how to hone in on the most relevant conversations, collaborate with your team and track the ROI of your social media initiatives.
  • HOOT300 teaches advanced HootSuite strategies, including how to perform a geo-located search, schedule bulk messages, track campaigns with custom URL parameters and more.

The certification process takes anywhere from 4-10 hours depending on your prior HootSuite experience.

Once you pass these there courses and attain our HootSuite Certification, all HootSuite University students will be listed in our social media consultant directory.

In addition to an in-depth education of HootSuite features and strategies, members of HootSuite University also have access to our library of webinars featuring interviews and presentations from industry experts.