Before we dive deeper into each of the tools, it’s important that we first understand what social listening tools are, and how they work.

Let’s get started.

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What is Social Listening?

Social listening, also known as social media listening or social media monitoring, is the process of tracking and analyzing conversations, mentions, and discussions across social media platforms, online forums, blogs, news sites, and other online sources. 

The goal of social listening is to gain insights into what people are currently saying about your brand, products, services, industry, competitors, and relevant topics.

How Does Social Listening Work?

Social listening involves several steps and processes to gather, analyze, and derive insights from online conversations and mentions.

Here's how it typically works:

  1. Data collection: Social listening tools use Application Programming Interfaces (API) to collect data from various social media platforms, online forums, blogs, news sites, and other online sources. These tools track specific keywords, hashtags, brand names, and other relevant terms to capture relevant conversations.
  2. Keyword and query setup: Using the tool, you then set up keywords, hashtags, and queries that are relevant to your brand, industry, competitors, and topics of interest. These keywords will act as triggers for the tool to search for and gather relevant mentions.
  3. Data aggregation: The tool collects data from multiple sources, aggregating mentions and conversations related to the specified keywords and queries. The collected data can include text, images, videos, links, and other forms of content.
  4. Sentiment analysis: The tool will perform sentiment analysis using Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to determine the sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) behind each mention. This helps gauge how people feel about specific topics.
  5. Data filtering: From the analysis, you can now filter collected data based on relevance, sentiment, source credibility, and other parameters.
  6. Data visualization: Social listening tools present the collected data in dashboards and reports. With the aid of visual tools such as graphs and charts, you’re able to quickly grasp trends, patterns, and insights.
  7. Trend detection: Through data analysis, the tools identify emerging trends, popular topics, and conversations that’s gaining traction.

How Can a Social Listening Strategy Help Your Business?

A well-executed social listening strategy benefits business, helping you make informed decisions, enhance customer relationships, and stay ahead of your competition.

Here's how a social listening strategy can positively impact your business:

  • Enhanced customer understanding: By monitoring conversations and mentions related to your brand, products, and industry, you gain deeper insights into customer preferences, pain points, and sentiments.
  • Real-time feedback: Social listening allows you to capture real-time feedback from customers. This helps you identify areas for improvement, address concerns promptly, and enhance your products and services based on actual user experiences.
  • Crisis prevention and management: By detecting negative sentiment and potential PR crises early, you can take proactive measures to prevent issues from escalating. This protects your brand's reputation and shows your audience that you are responsive and care about their concerns.
  • Competitor insights: Monitoring your competitors' online activities and discussions provides valuable insights into their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. This competitive intelligence helps you refine your own strategies and identify opportunities for differentiation.
  • Market trend identification: Social listening helps you stay informed about emerging trends, industry shifts, and changes in consumer behavior. This knowledge allows you to adapt your business strategies to capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Customer service enhancement: Timely responses to customer inquiries and issues demonstrate your commitment to excellent customer service. Social listening enables you to provide swift and personalized responses, boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Optimized marketing campaigns: By understanding what topics and hashtags are trending, you can create marketing campaigns that align with current discussions, maximizing their impact and reach.
  • Measurable ROI: Social listening provides data that you can measure and analyze, allowing you to track the impact of your strategies and justify your investments in your marketing initiatives.

List of 15 Best Social Listening Tools to Use in 2024

Here’s the list of the top social listening tools on the market:

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social, often hailed as one of the best social listening tools, offers a powerful suite of features for businesses navigating the social media landscape. 

Sprout Social excels in social listening, allowing you to track brand mentions, industry trends, and customer sentiment across various social platforms.

sprout social query builder

The Sentiment Summary is my favorite feature of Sprout Social’s social listening tool. It gives you a brief overview of users' sentiments on your brand.

sprout social sentiment analysis

Sprout Social also boasts a user-friendly interface, making social media management a breeze. You can effortlessly schedule posts, engage with your audience, and monitor your brand's performance, all within a single dashboard.

sprout social content calendar

Additionally, it provides detailed reporting and analytics, delivering actionable insights into your social data.

sprout social analytics

Key Features

  • Unified Social Inbox for streamlined communication
  • Advanced scheduling with optimal posting times
  • ViralPost feature for maximizing post engagement
  • Robust reporting and performance analytics
  • Social CRM integration for seamless customer interaction


  • Advantageous engagement reports: Sprout Social's engagement reports provide detailed insights into audience interactions, helping you tailor your content for maximum engagement.
  • Collaborative planning: With team collaboration features, Sprout Social makes it easy for your team to plan, review, and optimize social campaigns together.


  • Learning curve: Mastering Sprout Social's robust feature set might be time-consuming for beginners.
  • Pricing: Some users could find the cost of Sprout Social's plans relatively higher compared to alternatives.


  • Standard: $249/month
  • Professional: $399/month
  • Advanced: $499/month

2. HubSpot’s Social Media Management Software

HubSpot’s Social Media Management Software is a versatile social listening solution. It's a comprehensive suite that combines social listening tools with robust features to streamline your social media strategies.

You can also find information on your competitor’s social campaigns through the social listening tool. You can search topics and keywords, and find out how well they are performing on social media platforms.

What truly sets it apart is its integration with HubSpot's marketing automation. This feature allows you to seamlessly align your social media efforts with your broader marketing strategies, ensuring a cohesive approach.

hubspot topic summary

Another standout feature is the in-depth social analytics and reporting. HubSpot provides valuable insights into your social media performance, helping you understand what works and what needs improvement.

hubspot social listening analytics

You can plan and publish content across various platforms from a single dashboard, making your social media management more efficient. Additionally, it provides tools for audience engagement, allowing you to interact with your followers and respond to inquiries promptly.

Key Features

  • Integration with HubSpot's CRM for comprehensive insights
  • Social publishing with content calendar planning
  • Social listening for real-time brand monitoring
  • In-depth competitor analysis for strategic positioning
  • Integration with HubSpot's marketing automation tools


  • Integration powerhouse: HubSpot's software seamlessly integrates with its CRM and marketing tools, allowing for a comprehensive view of your audience's journey.
  • Smart content publishing: This tool offers smart content suggestions based on your audience's preferences, ensuring your posts resonate.


  • Learning curve: Fully exploring HubSpot's extensive ecosystem might require a substantial learning curve.
  • Complexity: The abundance of features might be overwhelming for smaller businesses with simpler needs.


  • Contact their sales team for a custom quotation.

3. Awario

Awario is a robust social media monitoring and analytics tool designed to track references to brands, products, or specific keywords across diverse online platforms. 

With features such as real-time insights, sentiment analysis, and competitive intelligence, Awario enables you to stay abreast of online discussions relevant to your business and industry.

Here’s a video on how easy it is to set up Awario. Simply enter your brand name, product description, and your competitors.

Awario’s dashboard is quite simple and easy to use. From the dashboard, you’ll find everything you need. This includes monitoring brand awareness, finding sales opportunities, location, brand sentiment, as well as reach.

awaria dashboard

Awario works with a host of platforms, including Reddit, X, Facebook, and Instagram.

awaria platforms

Key Features

  • Awario tracks mentions across the web and social media in real-time.
  • It covers major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
  • It tracks mentions on blogs, forums, news websites, and other online sources.
  • You can employ powerful Boolean search operators to refine results.
  • It analyzes sentiment to understand how people feel about your brand.
  • You can track mentions from specific locations to assess regional perceptions.


  • Thorough monitoring: It captures mentions across diverse platforms such as social media, blogs, forums, and news websites.
  • Instant insights: It delivers prompt updates on brand mentions and competitor engagements.
  • Sentiment analysis: It aids in grasping public sentiment and pinpointing potential issues or opportunities.


  • Expensive: The pro plan, which is best suited for small to medium businesses, can be expensive for its limited functionality. 
  • Inaccurate sentiment tracking: It doesn’t always provide the most accurate representation of a brand mention’s sentiment.


  • Starter: $49/month
  • Pro: $149/month
  • Enterprise: $399/month

4. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is an excellent social media management tool, particularly beneficial for content curation in digital marketing strategies. But if you’re also looking for the perfect social listening tool to help you grow your socials organically, then Crowdfire is for you.

With a user-friendly interface, it supports multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

From the main dashboard, you can easily access a plethora of social listening functions. This includes mentions, interactions, and brand sentiment.

crowdfire dashboard

Noteworthy features include unlimited article and image curation, advanced analytics (for one day), and a convenient Chrome extension for quick article sharing.

Designed to streamline content creation, Crowdfire is especially advantageous for those interested in curation. It efficiently reduces manual effort by helping users discover relevant content, both owned and external, based on their typical topics.

Key Features

  • Crowdfire lets you curate images seamlessly.
  • It lets you schedule posts for all your social media from one desktop.
  • You can tailor optimal posting times.
  • It enables you to easily monitor brand mentions, as well as respond to them.
  • You can conduct competitor analysis, including brand sentiment.


  • Value for money: Their affordable Plus plan is well-suited for smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs.
  • Strong social proof: Crowdfire is well-reviewed by a large and active community.


  • Botted profiles: Crowdfire's content curation tool can sometimes suggest profiles that appear to be bots. It is important to research any profile before you follow it.


  • Plus: $9.99/month
  • Premium: $49.99/month
  • VIP: $99.99/month

5. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is acclaimed for its exceptional social listening prowess. It empowers you to vigilantly track brand mentions, monitor trending topics, and gain profound insights into online conversations spanning various social media platforms and the web.

buzzsumo social listening dashboard

Going beyond its core function of social listening, BuzzSumo extends its capabilities to encompass content research features. With BuzzSumo, you can identify trending content within your industry, uncover influential content creators, and draw inspiration for your content strategy.

buzzsumo content sentiment analysis and analytics

BuzzSumo provides in-depth content analysis and reporting. It enables you to measure content engagement, track social shares, and assess the impact of your content marketing efforts.

buzzsumo analytics

Key Features

  • Content discovery for finding trending topics
  • Competitor analysis for refining your content strategy
  • Influencer identification for collaboration opportunities
  • Backlink analysis for enhancing SEO efforts
  • Share tracking to measure content reach and impact


  • Social listening for up to 6 different platforms: These include TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest.
  • Question analyzer: BuzzSumo's question analyzer helps you identify popular questions in your niche, allowing you to create content that directly addresses audience queries.


  • Competitor analysis scope: The scope of BuzzSumo's competitor analysis might not match that of specialized tools.


  • Content creation: $199/month 
  • PR & Comms: $299/month
  • Suite: $499/month
  • Enterprise: $999/month

6. Brand24

Brand24 is a versatile social listening tool that goes beyond mere brand monitoring, making it one of the best social listening tools available.

Brand24 focuses on social listening, enabling you to track brand mentions and conversations across various social media platforms. What truly sets it apart is its real-time alert feature, which notifies you instantly when your brand is mentioned, allowing for swift responses and engagement.

brand24 analytics social listening

In addition to social listening, Brand24 offers sentiment analysis, providing insights into the emotions associated with your brand mentions. This helps you understand not only the volume of mentions but also the context and sentiment around them.

brand24 social listening alert settings

Brand24 also provides competitive analysis features, allowing you to monitor your competitors' online presence.

brand24 analytics

Brand24's user-friendly interface and customizable reporting make it easy to extract meaningful insights from your social data. It also integrates with popular social media platforms, streamlining your social media management efforts.

Key Features

  • Social media monitoring for brand mentions across platforms.
  • Sentiment analysis to gauge customer opinions.
  • Influencer identification to amplify your reach.
  • Competitive analysis to stay ahead in your industry
  • Customizable reports for data-driven decision-making


  • Instant alerts: Brand24's real-time alerts ensure you're informed immediately about brand mentions, giving you the chance to respond promptly.
  • Influencer identification: Brand24's influencer analysis helps you identify not only big-name influencers but also micro-influencers you can collaborate with to grow your brand.


  • Sentiment analysis limitation: Brand24's sentiment analysis might not always accurately capture nuanced emotions within user-generated content.
  • Pricing constraint: For businesses with limited social media monitoring needs, Brand24's pricing might seem relatively higher.


  • Individual: $99/month
  • Team: $179/month
  • Pro: $249/month
  • Enterprise: $499/month

7. Brandwatch 

Brandwatch is a renowned social listening tool that excels in monitoring brand mentions, relevant keywords, and online conversations across various social media platforms, making it one of the best social listening tools available.

Its real-time monitoring feature ensures you stay updated on conversations happening in the digital realm.

brandwatch social listening

What sets Brandwatch apart is its advanced sentiment analysis. It goes beyond merely tracking mentions; it delves into understanding the sentiment around those mentions. This nuanced insight helps you gauge public perception of your brand or business accurately.

In addition to social listening, Brandwatch offers competitive intelligence features. You can keep a close eye on your competitors, analyze their social strategies, and identify opportunities to gain a competitive edge. You can also research terms they use and see their relevance in your own content or campaigns.

brandwatch term research

Brandwatch's data visualization and reporting tools are another standout feature. They enable you to turn raw data into actionable insights, making it easier to make informed decisions and optimize your social media strategies.

Key Features

  • AI-powered insights for understanding customer behavior
  • Consumer demographics analysis for precise targeting
  • Trend detection to identify emerging topics
  • Image recognition to track brand visuals
  • Data integrations for seamless analysis across platforms


  • Advanced image recognition: Brandwatch's image recognition technology tracks visual mentions of your brand, even in images without text mentions.
  • Industry benchmarking: Brandwatch allows you to benchmark your social media performance against industry standards, providing valuable context.


  • Learning curve: Navigating the advanced features of Brandwatch might require a steeper learning curve for new users.
  • Pricing: Brandwatch's premium features might be pricey for small businesses.


  • Pricing details for Brandwatch are not available on their website. To discover pricing options tailored to your specific requirements, arrange a consultation with one of their sales representatives.

8. Mention 

Mention is a versatile social listening tool that stands out among the best social listening tools on the market. It excels in providing a comprehensive solution for tracking brand mentions and staying informed about online conversations.

It allows you to monitor brand mentions across various social media platforms and the web in real-time. What distinguishes Mention is its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users.

mention social listening dashboard

Mention offers advanced sentiment analysis. It gauges the sentiment around your brand mentions, helping you understand how your audience perceives it. This deep insight enables data-driven decision-making in strengthening your brand.

Mention also includes competitive analysis features, allowing you to keep an eye on your competitors' online activities. You can track their mentions, assess their social strategies, and identify areas where you can outshine them.

mention competitor analytics

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring for immediate brand awareness
  • Share of voice analysis to measure market presence
  • Competitor tracking to uncover their strategies
  • Customizable alerts for staying informed on the go
  • Collaboration features for streamlined team communication


  • Customizable alerts: Mention's customizable alerts let you filter and prioritize brand mentions based on factors that matter most to your business.
  • Competitor tracking: With Mention's competitor monitoring, you gain insights into your rivals' brand conversations, uncovering competitive advantages.


  • Analytics depth: Some users might find Mention's analytics less comprehensive compared to other advanced tools.
  • User interface: Improvements might be needed in Mention's user interface for smoother navigation.


  • Solo: $41/month
  • Pro: $83/month
  • ProPlus: $149/month
  • Company: Contact their sales team for a custom quote.

9. Digimind

Digimind excels in social listening, enabling businesses to track brand mentions, customer sentiment, and emerging trends across various social media platforms. 

What sets it apart is its advanced sentiment analysis capabilities, providing a nuanced understanding of how your brand is perceived online.

digimind brand reputation dashboard

In addition to social listening, Digimind offers robust competitive intelligence features. You can keep a close eye on your competitors, analyze their strategies, and identify opportunities to outperform them in the market.

digimind competitor sentiment analysis

Digimind's global reach is another noteworthy feature. It allows you to monitor conversations and trends in multiple languages and regions, making it an ideal choice for your business with a global presence or aspirations.

Key Features

  • Real-time social media listening for instant insights
  • AI-driven sentiment analysis for accurate brand perception
  • Competitive benchmarking to track your industry landscape
  • Customizable dashboards for tailored data visualization
  • Crisis detection and management for proactive response


  • Real-time crisis detection: Digimind's crisis detection tools promptly alert you to potential PR crises, enabling quick response and damage control.
  • Smart sentiment analysis: The AI-powered sentiment analysis goes beyond basic categorizations, offering nuanced insights into audience feelings.


  • Feature overload: The wide range of features in Digimind might be overwhelming for smaller businesses with simpler social media requirements.
  • Pricing: Access to Digimind's advanced capabilities could be limited by its premium pricing.


  • Contact their sales team for a custom quotation.

10. Talkwalker

Talkwalker's prowess in social listening enables you to monitor brand mentions, hashtags, and keywords across diverse social media platforms and the web. Its real-time monitoring capabilities ensure you remain current with relevant discussions as they unfold.

talkwalker social mention performance

What truly distinguishes Talkwalker is its cutting-edge sentiment analysis. This feature not only tracks mentions but also evaluates the sentiment surrounding them, offering a nuanced comprehension of how you are perceived.

talkwalker sentiment analysis

In addition to its social listening capabilities, Talkwalker boasts competitive benchmarking features. You can compare your social media performance with that of your competitors, pinpointing strengths and areas that warrant enhancement.

talkwalker competitor sentiment analysis

Key Features

  • Image recognition for tracking visual mentions
  • Hashtag analysis to uncover trending topics
  • Automated reporting for efficient data sharing
  • Crisis detection and management to mitigate risks
  • Influencer identification and engagement for collaboration


  • Visual analytics: Talkwalker's visual analytics provide clear graphical representations of data, making it easier to communicate insights within your team.
  • Geo-location insights: Talkwalker's geo-location analysis allows you to understand the geographical distribution of brand conversations, aiding localized strategies.


  • Complexity challenge: Fully understanding and utilizing Talkwalker's extensive features might pose a challenge for some users.
  • Pricing: The comprehensive nature of Talkwalker's features might translate to higher pricing tiers, potentially limiting access for smaller budgets.


  • Contact their sales team for a custom quotation.

11. Hootsuite

Hootsuite, a well-known name in the realm of social media management tools, distinguishes itself with its robust social listening capabilities.

Hootsuite’s social listening features enable you to monitor brand mentions and conversations across various social media platforms. Its user-friendly dashboard simplifies social media management, making it easy to use whether you’re a beginner and a seasoned user.

hootsuite social listening dashboard

Hootsuite offers more than just social listening; it also provides a comprehensive suite of scheduling and publishing tools.

This allows you to plan and automate posts, ensuring a consistent online presence. Additionally, it empowers data-driven decision-making through in-depth analytics for optimizing social media strategies.

hootsuite mentions dashboard

Key Features

  • Centralized dashboard for managing multiple social profiles
  • Social listening for understanding audience conversations
  • Content scheduling for consistent posting
  • Team collaboration tools for efficient workflows
  • Analytics and reporting for measuring campaign success


  • Advanced social listening: Hootsuite's social listening capabilities go beyond social networks, extending to forums, blogs, and other online platforms.
  • App ecosystem: Hootsuite's vast app ecosystem allows you to integrate your favorite tools, streamlining your workflow within a single dashboard.


  • Feature complexity: Hootsuite's broad array of features might be complex and overwhelming for some users.


  • Professional: $99/month
  • Team: $249/month
  • Business: $739/month
  • Enterprise: Contact their sales team for a custom quote.

12. Keyhole

Keyhole, a versatile and formidable social listening tool, unquestionably earns its place among the elite in this category. It distinguishes itself with its adeptness at monitoring brand mentions and tracking trending topics across social media platforms and the web.

Keyhole's social listening features empower you to glean invaluable insights into your customer sentiments. It offers sentiment analysis, facilitating a real-time understanding of how they perceive your brand.

keyhole social metrics

In addition to its social listening capabilities, Keyhole provides robust analytics and reporting features. These tools enable you to track engagement metrics, audience demographics, and the impact of your social media campaigns.

keyhole mentions and hashtags

Furthermore, Keyhole incorporates competitive benchmarking functionality, enabling you to compare your social media performance with that of your competitors.

Key Features

  • Real-time hashtag tracking and engagement metrics
  • Hashtag analytics for optimizing your content strategy
  • Influencer engagement and performance tracking
  • Competitor benchmarking to stay competitive
  • Automated reports for data-driven decision-making


  • Hashtag analytics: Keyhole's in-depth hashtag analytics help you understand the reach, engagement, and sentiment associated with specific hashtags.
  • Real-time event tracking: Keyhole excels in tracking real-time events, making it a go-to tool for tracking campaigns and events as they unfold.


  • Platform gap: Keyhole might not cover all social platforms, potentially missing out on insights from certain channels.
  • Learning curve: Effectively navigating Keyhole's range of features could require an initial learning curve.


  • SMB & Freelancers: $99/month
  • Corporate: $299/month
  • Agency: $599/month

13. Agorapulse

Agorapulse provides a robust set of social listening features that enable you to diligently track brand mentions, monitor relevant keywords, and stay well-informed about online conversations across various social media platforms.

agorapulse audience sentiment and analytics

Agorapulse allows you to easily filter out aspects through boolean operators for Youtube, Instagram, and even Facebook. This allows you to only focus on crucial aspects of your social campaigns.

agorapulse filters

Agorapulse offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. You can track key performance metrics, assess the impact of your social media campaigns, and make data-driven decisions for strategy improvement.

agorapulse social listening dashboard

Key Features

  • Social inbox for managing conversations in one place
  • Social CRM for maintaining strong customer relationships
  • Custom filters for social listening
  • Content scheduling and queue for efficient posting
  • Team collaboration tools with customizable roles
  • Data-driven insights to track engagement and growth


  • Social CRM integration: Agorapulse's social CRM features help you manage customer interactions seamlessly alongside your social media management.
  • Queue categories: Agorapulse's queue categories allow you to organize and schedule content based on themes, ensuring a balanced content mix.


  • Feature learning: Uncovering the full potential of Agorapulse's comprehensive features might demand time and effort.
  • Pricing barrier: Advanced Agorapulse features could be available only in higher-priced plans.


  • Standard Plan: US$59 per user/month
  • Professional Plan: US$99 per user/month
  • Advanced Plan: US$149 per user/month
  • Custom Plan: tailored solutions for your business needs
  • All plans come with a free 30-day trial

14. Adview

Adview is a social listening tool that allows you to monitor and reply to comments on your Facebook and Instagram Ads. It helps you analyze engagement on your Ads on these two platforms and figure out which Ads are the most engaging.

adview social listening

Here’s how to use it for monitoring conversations around your Ads:

Additionally, Adview provides real-time alerts when someone comments on your Ads, ensuring you stay updated on relevant conversations. These alerts enable you to respond promptly to potential leads or crises, enhancing your brand's agility.

Key Features

  • Comments tracking on your Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Ad analytics that help identify your most engaging Ads
  • Ad intelligence to uncover competitors' strategies
  • Cross-platform ad monitoring for comprehensive insights
  • Trend analysis to stay ahead in your advertising game


  • Cross-platform insights: With cross-platform ad monitoring, Adview gives you a comprehensive view of your ads' performance across various channels.


  • Platform limitation: Adview might lack coverage for specific advertising platforms, missing out on crucial insights.
  • User interface: Some users might find Adview's user interface less intuitive compared to competitors.


  • $6.99/month
  • Free for Hootsuite Enterprise plan users. You’ll need to request a custom pricing quote for the Enterprise plan.

15. Meltwater

Meltwater excels as a social listening tool, empowering businesses to meticulously monitor brand mentions, track industry trends, and analyze conversations across various social media platforms and online sources.

meltwater social listening dashboard

However, Meltwater extends its capabilities beyond social listening by offering robust media monitoring functionalities.

It lets you track mentions in news articles, blogs, and forums, offering a panoramic view of your brand's online presence. This proves invaluable for your business that’s aiming to master reputation management effectively.

Key Features

  • Media monitoring for tracking brand mentions
  • Reputation management tools for brand perception
  • Competitive intelligence to stay ahead in the market
  • Media outreach and engagement for PR efforts
  • Insights and analytics for informed decision-making


  • Image recognition and insights: Meltwater's image recognition technology tracks visuals associated with your brand, providing insights beyond text mentions.
  • Media outreach features: Meltwater's media outreach tools aid in building relationships with journalists and influencers, enhancing your PR efforts.


  • Budget consideration: Meltwater's advanced features might be associated with a premium price point, making them less feasible for small businesses.
  • Feature learning: Effectively utilizing Meltwater's extensive features could require a significant learning curve.


  • Contact their sales team for a custom quotation.

A Comparison of the 10 Best Social Listening Tools

Now that we’ve done a deep dive into each social listening tool, let’s do a quick comparison of the 10 top social listening tools.

Social Listening Tool


Key Features

Sprout Social

Starts at $249 a month

  • Advanced social listening for real-time insights.

  • Unified social media scheduling and publishing.

  • Robust analytics for tracking performance.

HubSpot’s Social Media Management Software

Contact their sales team

  • Social listening to monitor brand mentions.

  • Seamless integration with HubSpot's CRM.

  • Content scheduling and campaign tracking.


Starts at $49 a month

  • Real time social tracking

  • Works on most social platforms

  • Sentiment tracking


Starts at $9.99 a month

  • Track brand mentions

  • Gauge and analyze sentiment

  • Discover relevant influencers in your niche


Starts at $199/month

  • Content discovery for finding trending topics.

  • Competitor analysis

  • Influencer discovery

  • Share tracking to measure content reach and impact


Starts at $99 a month

  • Real-time brand monitoring and mentions tracking.

  • Sentiment analysis for understanding customer perception.

  • Competitive analysis and reporting.


Contact their sales team

  • Social listening across various platforms.

  • Trend tracking and industry insights.

  • Customizable data visualization.


Starts at $41 a month

  • Real-time monitoring.

  • Share of voice analysis.

  • Competitor tracking.


Contact their sales team

  • Real-time social media listening.

  • AI-driven sentiment analysis.

  • Crisis detection and management.


Contact their sales team

  • Track visual mentions.

  • Hashtag analysis.

  • Automated reporting.

Get the Best Social Listening Tools for Your Business

Social listening tools have evolved into indispensable assets for businesses navigating the dynamic landscape of social media. These platforms empower you to not only monitor brand mentions and conversations but also gain valuable insights into customer sentiment and industry trends. 

Whether it is tracking trending topics, analyzing sentiment, or staying ahead with content research, the best social listening tools offer a wealth of features to help you excel in the ever-evolving social media terrain. 

So, embrace these tools and harness their capabilities to make informed decisions, foster meaningful customer relationships, and ultimately, stay at the forefront of the digital realm. Dive into the world of social listening, and let your brand's voice be heard.

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