It is no secret anymore that using social media channels is a must for any company or business. There are so many effective ways to promote what you do on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and so on. We are not going to discuss here the techniques that work. Instead, we will reveal how one's social media attitude expressed through words is bound to influence the outcome more than the actual tactics employed.

Your online attitude is created by the general tone of your posts. It is shown by the things or aspects you focus on. It is reflected by your choice of words. It can affect your prospective customers on a subliminal level. If you have a wrong attitude, it can undermine your promo campaigns and, ultimately, your business.

Your Attitude Can Make It or Break It

One's specific attitude sets the tone. People are enjoying the freedom of social sites and they are used to this freedom. Unfortunately, freedom is often poorly understood and used when it comes to promoting something on social channels. Some believe that it's OK to express themselves just as they wish, since they are free to do so. When they take on too many liberties, they forget about what makes social media attractive. They unwillingly let viewers see their flaws and eventually chase them away.

The world around tends to be very negative and we are inclined to become bitter, resentful, overly critic and just plain negative. However, this does not really have a place in business promotion. People will become interested in your business if it offers them solutions. Yet, they must be convinced that your business really offers them such. They need to feel a friendly and supportive attitude on your side. You might have the right solutions for them – perhaps the best on the market – but these are nothing if you don't know how to sell them. If your attitude spells negative or makes people feel uncomfortable, your posts will not help you sell.

Deadly Sins in Social Media Promotion

Whether you are openly promoting something or merely sharing connected info that will eventually lead viewers to considering your brand, you should be aware of the attitude you exhibit and avoid committing the following deadly sins:

Arrogance: It may sound downright ridiculous, but it is happening ever so often. People choose to speak about themselves, their work, their achievements, services or merchandise in very arrogant terms. Also, people wrongly believe that arrogance is a sign of superiority and it will somehow destroy or intimidate their competition for good.

Unfortunately, there are many vendors, entrepreneurs or artists out there who fill their social media posts with arrogance. This also hides a great amount of intolerance in it. When you believe your work, your status, your beliefs or lifestyle are superior to those of others, you cannot attract many positive feelings. In order to inspire people to follow you, you have to inspire positive feelings in them. Arrogance repels them.

Excessive Critique: In fact, any kind of negative critique is bad. Although some see it as trendy and welcome, negative critique only transmits a negative message to the reader's subconscious mind. It tells that you are not too confident and that what you promote has no strengths. This is the simple truth: you don't have to bash others or their work in order to promote yourself. This is one of the dirty tactics out there and it isn't helping. Whenever you try to put down someone else, you harm your own image. Some readers may be attracted to this and agree with your point of view, but this does not mean they are convinced to buy or that they will stay around. Putting down others is a very noxious approach no matter how you look at it. The antidote is to focus on the positives. Better boast about your own achievements than expressing such an amount of shameful negativity.

Superiority Complexes: You may never be guilty of the sins described above. You may avoid making bad comments about others, judging, putting down and so on. Your content may simply be focused on yourself and your brand. There is still one big mistake to make here. If you're promoting yourself as the absolute best and make unrealistic claims, it's still going to backfire. People want to know how you can help them and what you can really give them, not that you are the most amazing ever. Boasting is not as constructive as you might believe.


How to Correct Your Online Attitude and Inspire Positive Results

It is never too late to learn how to behave online. If you have to start it all over, do it. There are ways to correct your attitude in your posts and start inspiring a different response.

First of all, focus on the needs of people. It could simply be their need for news or entertainment. Social channels are not just for promoting your products and services. You can focus on news that are connected to it. You can post funny videos to entertain your viewers. It is all about building your brand and making them stick around. If they like the content, they will stay close. When you have to sell your things, then focus on how it can help them. Have a positive attitude, be welcoming and use inspiring words. Instead of creating phrases that express negative critique, emphasize something that works right or that solves a problem. Act like a solver of problems and be honest about it.

Avoid correcting others who are in the same industry as you. If what you sell is good, you don't need to promote it that way. Post positive examples and successful stories. Always remember that online content needs to provide some sort of positivity.