Whether you’re a business owner or marketer, you could greatly benefit from setting aside an hour or two each week to read the best social media blogs. They can help you bone up on the latest case studies, guides, and tip articles centered on the dependably fast-moving world of social media.

If you’re interested in engaging and interacting with customers, and finding a bigger audience for your goods or services – and let’s be real, who isn’t? Social media blogs are your way forward.

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Examples of Great Social Media Blogs

Alas, no man or woman is an island. And any marketer worth their salt understands that to tap into the hive mind, they need a means of access.

Since there are many methods of doing things in the social sphere and just as many pathways that lead to dead ends, keeping tabs on the following five social media blogs will give you a great grounding.

Social Media Examiner

social media examiner social media blogs

For businesspeople and marketers just starting out, turn back – now. All kidding aside, Social Media Examiner is a great ground zero social media blog for those keen to exploit the opportunities bequeathed by the multitudinous social platforms.

With well over 350 pages of exceptional blog content, not to mention 10 downloadable social media marketing industry reports, there’s a mountain of content to get through, all of it compiled by a team of wised-up authors, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs. It’s a social media blog that is a treasure trove of knowledge.

The content is rather varied, too: everything from starter guides covering Facebook marketing and YouTube for business to expert interviews, weekly news and tools tips.

A recent example was the social media blog post on, “How to Monitor Your Social Mentions,” which assessed five top listening tools – definitely one to check out if you’ve just created a business account. Oh, and if you want to familiarize yourself with the basics, Grace Duffy’s, “Social Media Best Practices for 2019” is a terrific resource.

Given the number of writers on Social Media Examiner’s books, they regularly churn out polished articles – a fresh one is published every day or two. Sometimes two social media blog posts will be published on the same day. Graphs, charts, and screen grabs are especially well deployed and the instructional content is exceedingly easy to follow.


adespresso social media blogs

Staying abreast of the latest Facebook and Google Ads guidance is a full-time job. Or it can be if you’re relying only upon whatever sense you can make of those behemoths’ official dispatches.

Needless to say, keeping up with the AdEspresso social media blog is a much better idea. Not only are its news articles and recommended tactics invariably related to the aforementioned platforms, but it’s easy-to-comprehend yet richly detailed how-to articles can be a godsend when you’re attempting to solve a seemingly impossible social media quandary.

Used by the likes of Microsoft and HubSpot, this social media blog is a cutting-edge digital advertising tool. And its industry expertise is on full display in the articles they put together. Pieces like, “How to Use Instagram Video Ads to Grow Your Business,” which includes information about three tried-and-true methods of creating powerful ads on the platform; “Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Ad Placement to Improve Conversions;” and “5 Top Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost Your Results in 2019.”

With a new blog post every day or two, the AdEspresso’s social media blog will surely nurture your ads knowledge and inform your campaign strategy.

Social Media Lab

social media lab social media blogs

The Social Media Lab is rightly acclaimed for its in-depth case studies and best practice guides – all the more impressive given the blog launched in August, 2017.

With new posts published bimonthly, and a podcast version for those who prefer listening, this social media blog focuses on stress-testing theories and concepts doing the rounds in the digital world.

Whether questioning common hypotheses or giving intellectual and analytical ballast to the rumors circulating about best practices for paid and organic social media, their writers have made Social Media Lab a much-trusted resource for marketers of all stripes.

Naturally enough for a social media blog, much of SML’s content focuses either directly or indirectly on increasing reach, driving impressions, and inducing engagement.

Those scribes, incidentally, include Jason How, a renowned Facebook Ads expert and Scott Ayres, a seasoned social media blogger and co-author of “Facebook All-in-One for Dummies.”

As a nice touch, the pair put together Social Media Wrap-ups every so often, giving a summary of that time period’s most stimulating discoveries.

Sue B Zimmerman

sue b zimmerman social media blogs

Sue B Zimmerman, a.k.a. @TheInstagramExpert, has a knack for turning social media-shy business owners into Instagram mavens. She is a powerhouse who inspires many marketers to create great social media blogs.

Powered by a passion for all things social – but with a particular affinity for the glossy, snap-happy world of Instagram – Zimmerman’s social media blog is a deep reservoir of actionable advice, motivational soundbites, and the kind of insightful perspectives you only tend to get from committed, been-there-done-that authorities.

If you’re coming late to Instagram, or you’re not sure how to grow or monetize your channel, or you’re simply stumped as to what content to post each day (or whether daily posts are even the way to go), Sue’s social media blog could be a lifesaver.

She’s great at inspiring confidence on the platform, breaking down the dos and don’ts in language that is clear and concise without being patronizing. Helpfully, she also embeds screen grabs from Instagram feeds in her articles, the better to demonstrate which channels are worth emulating and which mistakes to avoid.

The best place to get started? Sue’s article, “How to Grow Instagram Followers in 2019,” of course.

Sprout Social

sprout social social media blogs

Social media marketing is an ever-changing field, so having a social media blog like Sprout Social bookmarked is a wise move.

Truth be told, the very term “blog” does a slight disservice to the platform, as it goes above and beyond to provide the kind of data-driven intelligence you can apply to your own social campaigns.

For example, their recent article on, “A Complete Calendar of Hashtag Holidays for 2019,” is a useful post that included a free downloadable PDF comprising celebrated and industry-specific hashtag holidays.

Sure, they will occasionally push their own paid software – the Sprout Social reporting suite or listening platforms, for example – but mostly, they’re simply dispensing digital wisdom, as in their article, “3 Ways to Optimize Your Visual Strategy with Instagram and Pinterest.” In addition to guides, this social media blog features product updates, editable templates, social media checklists, and tool recommendations with a handful of new pieces published every month.


If you’re not following any of these social media blogs, perhaps you know it all already. But if you don’t, well, it’s worth bookmarking these blogs and checking them out regularly for their latest content.

The caliber of writers they employ and depths they explore to bring you actionable insights makes them valuable resources for any business owner or marketer. Get after them!


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