Let's look at Social media marketing 2015 style… One thing is certain, this will be a phenomenon unlike any that marketers have ever dealt with before. Some of the best known techniques will get even more powerful, but there will also be a lot of new opportunities and ways for companies to approach their customers.

Social media is still rapidly gaining power in engaging audiences and shaping their opinions and attitudes. No other type of media can offer such flexibility in crafting campaigns with accurate targeting.

In 2015 social media will keep its position as the most crucial tool for marketing and advertising. Therefore, companies should embrace the opportunities and start creating their social media marketing 2015 plans.

Social media marketing 2015 – what’s going to work?

1. Start with mobile, always start with mobile!

It may seem like a pretty obvious prediction, but social media marketing in 2015 will require a huge focus on a mobile friendly content. Moreover, 2015 will bring along the need to create designs for mobile devices first and then adapt them for desktops and laptops.

Using smartphones and tablets to access social media has been a trend for some time now. However, in 2015 we will experience a drastic rise in this trend and we will have to adapt our marketing strategies to it.


Life on-the-go imposes the need to access emails, websites and social posts through mobile devices. Research shows that almost 80% of users connect to social media through smartphones and tablets, and we can only expect this number to rise. If companies want to keep or improve their market position in 2015, they will simply have to start with mobile.

2. Link social media marketing with content marketing

In 2014 we witnessed some level of awareness regarding the benefits of linking social media marketing with content marketing. In 2015 we can expect more people to become aware that social media is the ideal platform for content marketing.

Creating valuable and consistent content helps companies to gain the consumers' trust and establish authority. Sharing insightful or entertaining relevant information with consumers always results in loyal followers. In fact, one of the main reasons for people to follow brands on social media is to get free content that they find interesting.

People are tired of promotional content that desperately tries to sell them something. They need to see and learn something new or something that will improve their mood. Therefore, companies should start planning and developing a content marketing strategy specifically for social media and integrate it within their social media marketing 2015 plan.

3. Embrace real-time marketing

The most successful entrepreneurs have always been the ones that have a good relationship with their customers. In the past those relationships were built and maintained in face to face interactions. With the rise and improvement of technologies we now have the opportunity to create more personal relations through social media.

Knowledge of individual customer needs is crucial for business success. Instead of trying to push sales through social media pages, companies should focus on a quality two-way communication. They should learn to listen to their customers and use the information for improving their services, products and strategies.

Marketing efforts have been focused on creating and sharing messages with the public for too long. However, in 2015 we should embrace the power of new media in creating an atmosphere where customers will be willing to engage in a dialogue.


Real-time marketing is all about quick responses to customers’ questions and reactions, providing customer satisfaction through support and guidance. Therefore, it requires good knowledge of information technology and a strong ability to sustain a consistent brand voice during the dialogue.

4. Get yourself prepared for social media shopping!

While drafting your social media marketing 2015 plan, have in mind that social media leaders are already testing the possibility to integrate a “purchase” button. Facebook and Twitter are planning to put those buttons alongside posts and tweets, so users won’t have to leave their sites to make a purchase.

Social media is simply ideal for selling online, especially when it comes to short-term deals. While scrolling through their news feeds, users often see great deals, but they do not always immediately act upon them. One of the reasons is they have to leave the site to be able to make a purchase.

If they see a good deal and have the opportunity to make the purchase instantly, they are more likely do it. So, in 2015 you probably won’t have to search for ways to get customers to your website. You will only have to make sure that you have good content which will motivate a purchase and be ready to make a sale.

5. Go visual

Social media is going visual, and so should you. The number of photos, videos, graphics and animated gifs being shared on social media is constantly rising. Moreover, visually oriented networks are on the rise, too.

People have always been responded positively to visual stimuli. It’s more entertaining and it helps them remember a point which was given visually. If you make an effort to share your message through multimedia, you’ll see incredible results.


Video marketing is not limited to TV and YouTube anymore. Visual campaigns are not limited to print media and billboards, either. Companies that use at least one image or video associated with their products or services enjoy better online sales.

While crafting your social media marketing 2015 plans, try to make room for visuals that support your campaigns. Social media requires a conversational approach that will show the human side of brands. However, you have to be careful not to lose your authenticity and trustworthiness.

Be careful of the quality of the visual content that you are sharing on social media. Quality photos and videos can require some investment depending on the range of your products or services. Although it’s good to have a diverse set of visual tools for your social media marketing 2015 strategy, quantity is not crucial. The quality of these tools is more important.

Be creative in using visual social media marketing tools. Make sure that they are consistent to your brand and add to the credibility you have already established. Be smart and add visuals to your real-time marketing posts, as well. This is how you’ll take your rightful place in social media in 2015.


  1. Great points Shane – I totally agree with your advice. The last couple years marketers have focused primarily on content creation and now we find ourselves with a huge surplus of stuff and not enough time to digest it all. Those that can simplify their customers’ lives will find themselves in a better place in 2016.

  2. Hey Josh – Yes the information comes at us so fast and how do we digest it, apply it and then review it.

  3. Good post, here you had explained about all the techniques like content marketing, real time marketing, mobile friendly, visualization which all are most important and helpful for social media marketing, Thank you for article!

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