According to Smart Insights Global Social Media Research, with over 1,870 million users, Facebook leads in the total number of active users worldwide. But every social media platform is responsible for gathering like-minded audiences together.

For example, brands are using referral marketing techniques to promote their product on YouTube by connecting with YouTube influencers that can bring them their target audience. Similarly, Instagram is helping brands to promote their products directly through influencers.

With the increasing number of users of all the social platforms, it is necessary for the developers to keep coming up with updates in order to maintain security and interest of their users.

Some of the recent updates on social media platforms were commendable. Whether it was the increase in maximum number of characters of tweets from 140 to 280, or Facebook's recent security update to minimize harassment.

Here I have come up with a list of recent social media updates that you'll need to know for successful marketing this year.

21 Social Media Updates You Need to Know

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