Social media has become a critical lead-generation channel for all modern businesses. But customer behavior and social algorithms are evolving rapidly. Only the smartest brands will survive. How well-equipped are you to host effective social campaigns for your brand?

To stay ahead of the pack, you’ll need a tool that really “listens” to what social media audiences want. Sprinklr’s Modern Engagement is one such tool.

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It automates and monitors social media campaigns, thus, saving you a lot of time and effort. But there are also many Sprinklr alternatives that are gaining popularity for their affordability and operability.

Before we start reviewing Sprinklr competitors, let’s take a look at why 1,200 global brands love Sprinklr:

  • Support for 23+ social media channels
  • Unified platform for managing cross-channel content
  • Partnership with top customer experience management (CXM) platforms like SAP and IBM
  • AI-powered tools to capture data about content performance

No doubt, Sprinklr is a great software solution for social media management. But many users complain about its low customizability and high price. Plus, the setup process is particularly hard for people with limited social media know-how.

Best Sprinklr Alternatives

A Sprinklr alternative can be a more cost-effective and easier solution for small companies and freelancers. We compared 11 of the best Sprinklr alternatives to help you find the best fit for your social media campaigns. Check them out.

Sprinklr Alternative #1: Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a fully-loaded software solution with top-notch features. The setup process is quick. No more number-crunching. You get free tools, such as Facebook Page Barometer, to generate channel-specific report cards.

Each account gets a social inbox for recording customer comments and brand mentions. You can also set up custom filters to hide, review, or label messages. You can assign comments to the concerned team members by tagging them from the inbox.


All Agorapulse plans include unlimited custom reports. With this social media management software, you can also share analytics access with clients for added transparency.

Prices range from $79 to $399 monthly.

agorapulse sprinklr alternativeImage via Agorapulse

Sprinklr Alternative #2: Hootsuite

Hootsuite leads the pack of Sprinklr competitors by a wide margin. You can be social 24×7 using this social media management software’s post scheduling service.

Using Hootsuite's multi account management tool, you can find out the best posting time and the best social media platform for your business. By leveraging these social media insights, your posts can reach a broader audience and you can engage with them more effectively.


This tool can also curate trending content that is best aligned with a social media platforms guidelines. So, there’s no chance of overshooting the word limit or posting irrelevant content to social networks.

Their analytics tool captures each click and comment on your social media posts. Even the free plan provides basic performance metrics.


Prices vary from $19 to $599 monthly, depending on the number of social accounts and user licenses.

hootsuite sprinklr alternativeImage via Hootsuite

Sprinklr Alternative #3: Zoho Social

Zoho is the go-to resource for smart entrepreneurs. This social media management tool gives you detailed insights about your audience, their content preferences, and demographics.

You can also setup a scheduling content calendar so that there’s never a dull moment for your audience.

You can publish content right from the Zoho interface and queue posts to save time and avoid overlaps. Zoho’s dashboard lets you converse in real-time with your audience. It helps you monitor each interaction to find out what’s working and what’s not.

Get performance stats that matter to you. Zoho builds reports around the metrics that you tailor. It has extensive built-in analytics too.


The Professional plan, priced at $25 monthly, allows six social channels and three licenses. At this price, you get 10 custom reports.

zoho social sprinklr alternativeImage via Zoho Social

Sprinklr Alternative #4: Social Studio

Salesforce’s Social Studio is a formidable competitor of Sprinklr. Its social listening capability is beyond excellent. It captures feedback and conversations revolving around your sales, services, competitors, and customers. Armed with this knowledge, you can build or curate targeted content.

With this social media management tool, you won’t let the conversation die down. You can respond to customer queries and comments instantly via the app.

To get a comprehensive view of each customer’s journey, you can also route your social posts to a CRM platform of your choice. In this way, you can keep track of their activities across email, social media, and other channels.

Tracking campaign performance has never been easier. Social Studio lets you drill down upon minute user behavior analytics.


Contact the sales team for pricing information.

salesforce social studio sprinklr alternativeImage via Salesforce

Sprinklr Alternative #5: Buffer 

Buffer is an effective tool for social media management. If you only need to schedule and publish content, opt for Buffer Publish.

You get a scheduler and a content calendar for each of your social media accounts. You can collaborate as a team on each post and build your brand together.

For maximizing engagement, you can use Buffer Analyze and Buffer Reply. Buffer Analyze gives you stats about your brand’s value across channels and audience demographics. It breaks down engagement numbers post-wise.

Buffer Reply is the highway to delivering a great customer experience. You can fast-track query resolution by conversing right from the Buffer dashboard. What’s more, you can assign tasks in-platform to expedite workflow.


Buffer Publish, Reply, and Analyze have prices ranges of $15-$99, $15-$35, and $35-$50, respectively.

buffer sprinklr alternativeImage via Buffer

Sprinklr Alternative #6: NetBase

NetBase is a free solution with machine learning (ML) at its core. Their Customer Experience Analytics feature gives you a 360 degree view of each customer and prospect. It highlights how your brand is perceived based on your industry’s KPIs.

It also analyzes your competitors' content and penetration. With these insights, you can craft an effective marketing strategy.

A standout feature of NetBase is crisis management. A brand is as good as its reputation. Potential crises have a way of unfolding, either on social platforms, CRMs, or other digital channels.

NetBase scrutinizes each channel to spot problems that can spiral out of control so that you can act proactively.


Contact their team for a demo and pricing info.

netbase sprinklr alternativeImage via NetBase

Sprinklr Alternative #7: Sendible

Sendible is the best one-stop destination for smart social media management. It’s strategically integrated with Google Analytics to give you insightful performance reports. It reports your brand mentions from diverse sources and does competitor analysis.

The interactive post calendar lets you prioritize posts as needed. Sendible also allows you to queue up your tasks or batch process them in a jiffy. You don’t need to be a social media expert to ring up the engagement numbers. Sendible does it for you.

This tool lets you share analytics reports with stakeholders and export them to compatible formats or Google Drive.


Sendible’s starter edition is for $29 per month or $24 per month if paid annually.

sendible sprinklr alternativeImage via Sendible

Sprinklr Alternative #8: Meltwater Social

Another free alternative to Sprinklr is Meltwater Social. Apart from social monitoring and analytics, it can be used as a great campaign builder. It suggests and curates content that’s appealing, timely, and unique.

This social media management tool helps you build a consistent brand voice across channels. It digs out historical data about past campaigns. It can help you align your marketing strategy until your content is on-target. The result is assured audience loyalty.

With Meltwater Social, you can compute social ROI using the software’s numerical metrics. It compares your campaign performance with benchmarks set by your industry and competitors.


For pricing details, you can get in touch with their sales team.

meltwater sprinklr alternativeImage via Meltwater

Sprinklr Alternative #9: Khoros Marketing

Another free Sprinklr competitor in our lineup is Khoros Marketing. It can help you foster loyalty and engagement through effective social posts. Without spending a penny, you can orchestrate organic and paid campaigns to get maximum returns on your marketing spend

What makes Khoros stand out among competitors is its innovation and customizability. You can configure its elements to suit your needs.

For more holistic solutions, you can check out Khoros Care and Khoros Communities. The former is for providing on-demand customer service through social media. The latter is for soliciting peer-created content from online communities.


Contact their sales team to schedule a demo or for pricing information.

khoros marketing sprinklr alternativeImage via Khoros Marketing

Sprinklr Alternative #10: NUVI

NUVI is a robust social media monitoring tool that is focused on data visualization. Their data-driven designs can help you get actionable insights quickly.

NUVI’s unique feature is its real-time reporting. You can use this tool to create PDF reports that are interactive and detailed. Also, you can share these reports easily with your team members or clients.

With NUVI, you can view relevant posts across any top channel. You can filter your results based on hashtags, keywords, URLs, or phrases used. This simplifies content curation. It also lets you build custom posts in its super-friendly editor.


NUVI charges you only for the data you consume. There’s no license fee or upfront cost. You can contact the sales team for a free quote.

nuvi sprinklr alternativeImage via NUVI

Sprinklr Alternative #11: Mention

Mention offers a good mix of social listening and publishing capabilities. And they are adding more capabilities.

With Mention, you can drive conversations towards your brand by tuning into what the community and industry is talking about. Mention taps into customer forums, blogs, and review platforms. It analyzes your competitors’ content and presents the gathered data in a digestible graphic form.

Using their social monitoring tools, you can also identify topics that are in the news and get audience insights. Mention can also identify brand mentions and reviews about your brand online.


Prices range from $25 to $450 a month for Mention Publish and Mention Listen.

mention sprinklr alternativeImage via Mention

Which Sprinklr Alternative is the Best?

That’s our list of the best Sprinklr alternatives. Most of these social media management and monitoring tools offer a free, no-obligation trial period. This means that you can pick a few of these tools, compare their performance during the trial, and buy the one you like.

With these tools, you can accelerate your brand’s social media journey right now.

Have you used any of these Sprinklr alternatives before? Or do you know of any other tools that you feel should be added to this list? Please share your experiences and insights in the comments section.


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