28 06, 2016

Is Influencer Marketing The Future Of Marketing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |2016-6-28|Influencer Marketing|10 Comments

Wondering how you take your marketing to the next level? You’ve probably heard of the term influencer marketing. But do you know how it can help you with your marketing strategy? Influencer marketing is now considered to be one of the most effective marketing methods. Take a look at some of these stats to help you understand this better: 69% of marketers who use influencer marketing consider it effective 73% of marketers say it’s effective for lead generation 76% say [...]

12 11, 2015

7 Challenges Faced By Startup Businesses In SEO And How To Overcome Them

By |2015-11-12|SEO|4 Comments

Marketing startup businesses in SEO can be a challenge, even though they bring new, unexplored, and interesting ideas to the market. It's important for any startup to get the word out about the nature of their business while reaching an audience that matters. That's where having a good SEO strategy comes into play. Hiring an experienced webmaster is highly recommended. The expert will implement an array of techniques to get your website noticed by search engines. In turn, these search [...]

23 03, 2014

Growing Pains: Addressing Challenges Your Start-up Will Face

By |2014-3-23|Blog|3 Comments

Point blank...every start-up company wants long-term success. Of course, there's a difference between where you are now and where you see your company years from now. In between is the awkward phase in your company’s growth trajectory that is tricky to navigate without the right tools and the right perspective. The following is solid advice for dealing with the growing pains that come from explosive company growth: Your Start-up Needs to Take One Step at a Time One of the [...]