28 06, 2015

You Know You Need a New Website When . . .

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How do you know when you need to redesign and/or re-develop your website? That's a tough question, and there isn't a clear answer. Sometimes you know you need an upgrade simply because you want to update the design. Sometimes it's because the current site can't handle new features you want to employ. But most often, the "time" to rebuild your website is much more vague. In fact, you may need a new website and not even really know it. For [...]

13 02, 2013

SEO for CEOs: Keywords, Ranking and Conversion

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As a CEO, you need to keep a 30,000 foot level on your company's bottom line, but you also need to understand enough about SEO to make decisions. Here's your guide to the basics, so you get the info you need to make decisions, without pulling your hair out. Keywords and SEO Search engines depend primarily on keywords on your website or blog to index and find your site when users search online. Relevance is key. The content on your [...]