20 07, 2011

Monterey Aquarium Takes Social Media for A Ride

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One of the most venerable mantras in marketing is “Fish where the fish are.” That advice is being followed, in creative fashion, in a campaign for an attraction where there are plenty of fish. The attraction is the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, Calif., in the tourist-rich San Francisco region. The campaign for the aquarium, which is visited by millions of people each year, carries the theme “Share the love.” In addition to conventional elements like commercials on television and [...]

18 07, 2011

Google+: 7 Reasons Why Google Plus Drives Hyperactive Engagement

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Diffusion of innovations is a theory that seeks to explain how, why and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures. This theory was first studied by a French sociologist Gabriel Tarde in 1890. In 1962 Everett Rogers published the book "Diffusion of Innovations” where he synthesized research from over 508 diffusion studies and produced a theory that proposed 4 main elements that influence the spread of an idea. 1. The Innovation An idea, practice or object that is perceived as new [...]

15 07, 2011

Five Best Social Media Practices for Small Businesses

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When it comes to social media, the market is quickly becoming saturated. There's Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, foursquare, LinkedIn, QR codes, mobile apps, blogs – and now even, Google+ So, it's no wonder some entrepreneurs feel inundated with all of the social media platforms. If you are a small businesses suffering from social media binge you aren’t alone. Here's how to ensure your social media overload doesn’t lead to social media blunders. Facebook Use Facebook to grow you brand These days, [...]

13 07, 2011

World’s First QR Code Inked as Tattoo; Live Streamed on Facebook [Video]

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A little over a month ago we wrote about a woman from the Netherlands who vividly tattooed 152 of her Facebook friends’ profile pictures onto her arm. If you thought that was something, you will enjoy the latest techie tattoo: a QR code, which was just recently inked in Paris, France. The artist, K.A.R.L. from the Mystery Tattoo Club, has laid claim on the world’s first animated tattoo. Capturing the QR code tattoo with your phone sets in motion an [...]

11 07, 2011

The Biggest Tech IPOs of 2011

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In the first half of 2011, the buzz around new tech IPOs such as LinkedIn, Pandora, Groupon, and Zynga has been the top story on Wall Street.  LinkedIn’s IPO early this year was the biggest Internet IPO since Google’s Debut in 2004 with prices opening around $80 and soaring to prices around $120 by mid-day.  Some say that LinkedIn’s IPO was the precursor for Facebook and the success of social media sites on Wall Street.  Even though Pandora has not [...]

21 06, 2011

Early Facebook Investor Is Bullish on New York

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Long before Goldman Sachs sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into Facebook at a soaring $50 billion valuation, an Accel partner, Jim Breyer, made a controversial bet on a Harvard dropout. In April 2005, he spearheaded Accel’s $12.7 million investment in the fledgling social network, at a near $100 million valuation. He also took a stake for himself. That early move has turned into one of the best bets for Accel, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based venture capital firm, which is [...]