20 05, 2015

5 Reasons Why Your Agency Needs to Consider White Label Marketing

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White label marketing adds power to any business. An agency rarely has personnel with expertise in every field of marketing. Agencies have difficulties offering a full spectrum of marketing services. White label marketing services spare agencies from the pain and frustration of not being able to offer the whole range of services. The dilemma is whether to use white label marketing services or not. Many agencies have found out that white labeling had kept them running their business throughout the years. [...]

12 02, 2015

Is SEO Marketing Strategy a Good Long Term Solution?

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SEO Marketing or Search Engine Optimization Marketing is a process through which you can get your website optimized for the search engines. In plain English, this means that SEO can take your website to the top of the search engine results pages. These "search engine results pages" are simply what the search engine displays when a particular phrase is typed into the search query box. Now consider this, SEO is not a quick fix. You can not go and do a few [...]

10 02, 2014

Ten Deliverables for Building a Website

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Building a website is a painstaking process, to put it honestly. Depending on how true you have been to technology, and to the tools it makes available to you, you can create a website that truly makes an impact for your business. Now the level of the impact will be reflected by the quality of design, keyword research and content strategy.  It extremely important to layout the goals of your site and how to reach those goals before you commence [...]

23 01, 2014

12 SEO Practices Which Can Penalize You

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Mega-search engine Google is on an uncompromised mission for good SEO practices. It wants to ensure that all users get access to accurate information on the web, unique content and top cream writers. Because of this, the search engine continuously tweaks and improves its algorithms to make the best content on the web get maximum exposure. However, there's a downside to all this; a penalty. That's what Google will impose on your website when you break any of the laws [...]

29 06, 2013

SEO: How Important is the Number 1 Position?

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A recent study completed by online ad network Chitika reports the top-ranked Google position earns 33 percent of online traffic. The findings also reveal exponentially declining values for the top ten and beyond. These findings aren't shockingly new. Similar analyses have been done with Google's organic search data. What is proven every time is that SEO is critical for the success of marketing your business online. Let us take a further look at the study. For each position your website [...]

27 06, 2013

Online Community: How to Build One for Your Business?

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Want to build a better online community? Then you need to focus on building a better company -- from the ground up! There are no easy shortcuts to the process. You can't hire an SEO guru and throw a bunch of content up on your website and expect to grow a genuine following. You can't go online without a solid offline marketing strategy. Let's get back to the basics of building your business and developing the kind of community you [...]

13 02, 2013

SEO for CEOs: Keywords, Ranking and Conversion

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As a CEO, you need to keep a 30,000 foot level on your company's bottom line, but you also need to understand enough about SEO to make decisions. Here's your guide to the basics, so you get the info you need to make decisions, without pulling your hair out. Keywords and SEO Search engines depend primarily on keywords on your website or blog to index and find your site when users search online. Relevance is key. The content on your [...]

12 05, 2012

Sacramento Internet Marketing Training & Certification Program

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SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 10, 2012 -Creatine Marketing, has announced that the firm has launched its Internet marketing training and certification program. The new offering provides comprehensive training in all facets of interactive online marketing to increase participants' expertise and obtain the greatest return on marketing dollars. "You'll be learning how to do everything from SEO to social media from some of the top authors and speakers in the industry, for thousands less than our competition, making our certification program the [...]