12 07, 2013

Shane Barker Featured in Scientific American Mind

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How did I land the most unexpected job ever, without a resume or an interview? That's what a recent article in Scientific American Mind explored, to help uncover how technology like social media and psychological testing is redefining the traditional job search. The Social Media Connection I am a self-professed social media addict. That's what set me on a non-traditional path to apply for a social media manager position with the San Francisco 49ers. Oh wait, I never submitted a [...]

28 05, 2013

What Yahoo’s $1.1 Billion Purchase of Tumblr Means for Business

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Yahoo’s Board of Directors reported earlier this month that it is acquiring blogging platform Tumblr for a purchase price of $1.1 billion.  According to Yahoo’s chief executive Marissa Mayer, the plan is to keep Tumblr on as an independent company, and leave 26-year old founder David Karp in place as CEO.  It will take time to finalize the deal however – the purchase isn’t anticipated to close until later in 2013. Mayer's purchase is the largest social media acquisition of [...]

10 05, 2013

Sacramento Startup Scene is HEATING Up!

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A Sacramento News and Review article highlights Modera as one of five startup companies helping to put the Sacramento region in the international spotlight!  Because of the exposure from SN&R, Good Day Sacramento wants to review the new Modera iOS6 app! Sacramento Techweek All of this exciting news comes at the start of Sacramento Techweek, which kicks off May 10 and runs through Saturday May 18.  The article also highlights four other Sacramento startups in the region, including Leadwerks Engine, Marrone Bio Innovations, Chrometa [...]

4 05, 2013

Growth Hacking Strategy: Does My Startup Need One?

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In a previous post, I talked about the 5 Key Metrics for a Lean Startup and how viral reach is a critical measure of growth. In this post, I’ll introduce the concept of growth hacking, so you can determine if your startup or business could benefit from hiring a growth hacker or developing a growth hacking strategy. What is a Growth Hacker? Don't worry - we're not talking about unauthorized entry or attack on a computer system!  The growth hacker's [...]

12 03, 2013

Modera: The Big Move

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Life is a journey. Mine has been a whirlwind over the last 6 months! I was contacted by a startup in Uzbekistan via social media, and the next thing you know, Modera was born. Anyone who has been involved in getting a startup off the ground, or from one phase to another knows it's really hard. It's a big committment to make it work, and it's completely different when your team only exists in a virtual world. It's a huge [...]

19 02, 2013

How to Successfully Scale Your Startup

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If you are considering trying a new venture or building on an existing one, you may have questions about how quickly you should grow to be sustainable but remain competitive. Learn how to scale your startup and you'll be putting yourself in position for success. The Phases of a Startup In order to understand when and how to scale, first understand the different phases of a startup. Depending on who you ask, the phases of a startup have different names, [...]

28 01, 2013

When Should a Startup Pivot?

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Pivoting is changing direction, and knowing when to do it is critical to your startup's longevity and success. Our first startup, Pick it App, evolved out of a recognition that social media sells, and certain people love to share their lifestyle with others. The premise was people create a "lookbook" online, with pages of fashions and brands they loved that captured their individual, unique lifestyle. The individual users were a sales channel -- once they promoted brands and styles through social [...]