Building a website is a painstaking process, to put it honestly.

Depending on how true you have been to technology, and to the tools it makes available to you, you can create a website that truly makes an impact for your business.

Now the level of the impact will be reflected by the quality of design, keyword research, and content strategy.  It is extremely important to lay out the goals of your site and how to reach those goals before you commence with the project.

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What Are the Elements of a Good Website or Landing Page?

Here are the top ten things you should keep in mind while creating a website or a landing page:

1. The Landing Page Design Should Create an Impact

The landing page of the website shouldn’t be designed in a manner that can be easily ignored by the user, who would otherwise navigate to some other website if they aren’t impressed with the page they landed first on the website. The design should not be fancy and too artistic, but it shouldn’t be bland either. You may go for a minimalist design.

You can use platforms such as Unbounce to create beautifully-designed landing pages that can drive more conversions. It offers 100+ templates, a drag-and-drop builder, customization options, and A/B testing features.

2. The Landing Page Content Should Describe What the Brand is all about

Using tough English words to impress the visitors won’t really help your cause really. What you rather have to do is to effectively pass of the brand message in words that create the right impact and make an instant personal connection with the user.

3. The Logo

Nothing brings out the brand message quite the way a logo does. The logo should be clutter free, and not contain too many fonts. Injecting too many colors will also affect its impact negatively. If that means spending a considerable amount of money on getting it made, do it. If you have contracted the work out to an offshore web development company, make sure you communicate everything you want from the logo.

4. Responsive Pages

Patience is not the forte of Internet users. Thus, if your website gives them serious headaches with its slow loading time, you aren’t likely to sustain traffic on it. More importantly, Internet users have been resorting to mobile devices for connecting to the web. Thereby, your website must be mobile ready if it wishes to cater to all the segments of the audience.

5. The Design of the Overall Website Must Please the Eyes

It’s not just the landing page that your visitors will be enamored by (if it indeed looks impressive), but each and every aspect of your complete website, particularly if you happen to be a service provider and the website advertises your services). As mentioned earlier, it should be screaming with colors. It should be subtle, and at the same time, make an impact with the right mix of colors and tones. If you are representing a corporate website, for example, subtle tones would suffice.

6. Keep it Rich with Content

Irrespective of the business for which the website is being created, content is what will determine how many people the website draws. A website with images scattered throughout looks appealing, but if it is devoid of any content, it is not going to sustain its visitor volume.

7. Keep Updating the Content

You will be doing your business a huge disservice if the content on it is not regularly upgraded and updated. It is also of great importance from the search engine point of view.

8. Keep the Navigation Fuss-Free

Navigating through your website should be a breeze. If you are builting a website where people have to strain their eyes while looking for categories, there goes your chances of holding them.

9. Keep it SEO and Search-Engine Friendly

That’s your best chance to garner heavy and relevant traffic. If the website you create isn’t optimized for SEO, you can’t fancy your chances of garnering qualitatively and quantitatively rich traffic. The website should have all the SEO components in their proper place. If that means you have to download certain plugins, go ahead and look for the best options available on the Internet. SEO is perhaps the most important aspect of the website since this is what determines how you place yourself before the search engines.

10. Keep Room for Enough Widgets

You never know when you would need an extra widget for an extra bit of attraction on your website. Make sure it doesn’t fall short on widgets.

The above ten points are there to be tucked in your memory and taken along every time you explore the Internet realm.

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