You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  What does that mean in today’s fast-paced, technology driven business environment?  It means business cards with high impact are still important.

A traditional design on white card stock means your business card gets lost in the shuffle of the competition.  In order to be memorable, your business card must have a unique, sleek design.  There are plenty of modern materials to choose from, including metal, fabric or glass.

To really make your brand stand out, don’t be afraid to try different fonts, colors and graphics.  Use texture and dimension too.  The longer people a potential client holds your business card and interacts with it, the more your brand and your business will be remembered.

I recently ordered metal business cards from My Metal Business Cards.   The owner, Craig Martyn was very helpful about giving me several options and making changes based on my feedback.  When I hand out my new metal business card, I ALWAYS get an enthusiastic response, “Wow, nice cards!” and “Where did you get those business cards?”  What’s really important about my new metal business cards is that people never throw them away.

Among those who carry metal business cards is Steve Wozniak, the entrepreneur that co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs.  Steve’s business card uses an eye-catching geometric design etched into a metal card.

With all the distraction of technology and media, your business card needs to be distinct to have a lasting impact.   Try a non-traditional business card made of a unique material like metal.   Every time you hand out your business card, your company will be associated with innovation and your brand will make a lasting impression.

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