Are you ready to unlock the secret power of TikTok hashtags and take your content to hilarious new heights? This article lets you uncover everything you need to know about using hashtags on Tiktok.

Whether you're a seasoned TikToker or a curious newbie looking to join the hashtag revolution, this guide is your golden ticket to hashtag heaven.

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Top TikTok Hashtags for 2024

With so many TikTok hashtags to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones will help you get the most views and likes.

That's why I've put together a list of the top TikTok hashtags for 2024 to help you draft your hashtag strategy for the year.

Here are the top TikTok hashtags for 2024:

1. General TikTok Hashtags

@viral_hits_ which one are you or which one do you have??🫣👀 #fyp #viral #catsoftiktok #relationship #girlfriend #seeyouagaintylercreator #tylerthecreator ♬ See You Again (feat. Kali Uchis) – Tyler, The Creator

These hashtags can be used on any type of TikTok content, whether you're doing a dance challenge, a singing cover, or just showing off your everyday life.

  1. #TikTokMagic
  2. #Influencer
  3. #Vira
  4. #ExploreTikTok
  5. #TrendingNow
  6. #Viralsensation
  7. #ContentCreators
  8. #TikTokFever
  9. #Followed
  10. #Liked
  11. #FunkyVideos
  12. #PopCulture
  13. #DigitalTrends
  14. #TikTokLife
  15. #VideoJunkie
  16. #TikTokAddict
  17. #Favorite
  18. #TikTokObsession
  19. #VideoMania
  20. #TikTokInfluence

2. TikTok Hashtags for Craft-Related Content

@jarrisan #DIY #craft #handmade ♬ High School – Nicki Minaj

If you're into DIY or crafting, these TikTok hashtags will help you get your content seen by others who are interested in those topics.

  1. #DIYCrafts
  2. #HandmadeCreations
  3. #CraftyVibes
  4. #CraftingCommunity
  5. #ArtisticHands
  6. #CreativeCrafters
  7. #CraftyInspiration
  8. #CraftingAddict
  9. #CraftingCorner
  10. #HandcraftedGoodness
  11. #CraftyIdeas
  12. #ArtisticExpressions
  13. #CraftingWorld
  14. #CraftyProjects
  15. #DIYInspiration
  16. #CraftersOfTikTok
  17. #CraftyHacks
  18. #CraftyTips
  19. #CraftingTime
  20. #CraftyGenius

3. TikTok Hashtags for Dance-Related Content

@newhopeclub How did we do @Fifty Fifty Official? 🫶 #fyp #dance #cupid ♬ cupid – bae

Dance is one of the most popular genres on TikTok, so it's no surprise that there are a ton of great dance-related hashtags out there.

If you're looking to get more eyes on your dancing content, these TikTok hashtags will help you get your videos seen by others who love to dance too!

  1. #DanceMania
  2. #GrooveNation
  3. #DanceChoreo
  4. #DanceParty
  5. #DanceMoves
  6. #DanceCrews
  7. #DanceInspiration
  8. #DanceVibes
  9. #DanceCommunity
  10. #DanceFever
  11. #DanceTrends
  12. #DanceFloorMagic
  13. #DanceLife
  14. #DanceAddiction
  15. #DanceGoals
  16. #DancePerformance
  17. #DanceChallenge
  18. #DanceRoutines
  19. #DanceIsLife
  20. #DanceWithPassion

4. TikTok Hashtags for Motivational Content

@projectjump.official 🔒🔒#motivation #fypシ ♬ original sound – Matt Graham

We all run out of steam every now and then. It can be difficult keeping up with the fast-paced world, let alone make time to create and schedule an Instagram or TikTok post. That’s when you need a motivational video.

If you want to attract users looking for inspiration to get their creative juices flowing, check out these top TikTok hashtags for motivational content.

  1. #MotivationMonday
  2. #InspireOthers
  3. #MotivationalQuotes
  4. #BelieveInYourself
  5. #DreamBig
  6. #PositiveVibesOnly
  7. #MotivatedMindset
  8. #MotivationNation
  9. #MotivationMatters
  10. #InspirationDaily
  11. #SuccessMindset
  12. #MotivationalSpeaker
  13. #MotivationGoals
  14. #Encouragement
  15. #InspirationStation
  16. #MotivationBoost
  17. #StayPositive
  18. #MotivationMondayVibes
  19. #DailyInspiration
  20. #MotivationForLife

5. TikTok Hashtags for Friendship-Related Content

@asiapaoloni My concert twin @eilidhsills #friends #fyp #bff #bestfriend #friendship ♬ original sound – xgilham

When it comes to TikTok, friends are everything — sharing funny moments, lip-syncing together, and just having a good time. And what better way to show off your friendship than with some amazing hashtags?

Here are some of the best TikTok hashtags for friendship-related content:

  1. #FriendsForever
  2. #BestiesForLife
  3. #SquadGoals
  4. #FriendshipGoals
  5. #BFFLove
  6. #FriendshipVibes
  7. #TrueFriends
  8. #SupportiveSquad
  9. #FriendshipBond
  10. #CrazyFriends
  11. #FriendsInRealLife
  12. #FriendsAreFamily
  13. #FriendshipMemories
  14. #BestFriendship
  15. #FriendsWhoLaugh
  16. #FriendshipJourney
  17. #FriendsForKeep
  18. #ForeverFriends
  19. #FriendshipCircle
  20. #FriendshipConnection

6. TikTok Hashtags for Beauty-Related Content Los favoritos 🤩🫶🏻 Disponibles en XS,S,M y L #boutique #purple #deaboutiquegdl #boutique #ParatiViral #dresses #fashion #Fashionstyle #rentavestidos #gdl #satin #Vestidos #beauty ♬ Soy carrerista – ꕥ ᴊᴀᴢᴢ ꕥ

If you're creating content related to beauty, there are a few specific hashtags you should definitely be using. 

Whether you are doing a makeup tutorial or unboxing a new beauty product, these hashtags will help you reach your target audience.

  1. #BeautyGuru
  2. #GlamUp
  3. #MakeupMagic
  4. #SkincareRoutine
  5. #BeautyHacks
  6. #BeautyInfluencer
  7. #BeautyObsessed
  8. #BeautyTips
  9. #BeautyCommunity
  10. #BeautyGoals
  11. #FlawlessLook
  12. #MakeupTutorials
  13. #BeautyInspo
  14. #BeautyAddict
  15. #SelfCareRoutine
  16. #BeautyProducts
  17. #BeautyTransformation
  18. #GlowingSkin
  19. #HairCareTips
  20. #NaturalBeauty

7. TikTok Hashtags for Funny Content

@funny_animals329 #funnyanimals ♬ Funk Rave – Don´t Let Me Down 140 Bpm – kirtap

Funny content is always popular on social media. From funny TikTok challenges, to funny captions, people love to laugh. If your video is funny, people will share them. By using the right hashtags, you can be sure that more people will see your videos .

  1. #LaughOutLoud
  2. #FunnyMoments
  3. #HilariousVideos
  4. #ComedyGenius
  5. #FunnyFails
  6. #HumorMe
  7. #FunnyVibes
  8. #LOLTimes
  9. #LaughsForDays
  10. #FunnyCrew
  11. #JokesOnYou
  12. #FunnyAnimals
  13. #FunnyMemes
  14. #FunnyPranks
  15. #ComedySkits
  16. #FunnyBloopers
  17. #LaughsUnlimited
  18. #HumorHeaven
  19. #GigglesAndLaughs
  20. #FunnyBoneTickle

8. TikTok Hashtags for Educational Content

@kuime_ If this flops I’m quitting #planets #science #edit #educationalpurposes #educational #learning #foryou ♬ original sound – Business | Quotes | Motivation

Do you want to educate others on TikTok? It could be anything from teaching a dance move to sharing information about a certain topic. Either way, you can use hashtags to make your content more discoverable.

Here are some top TikTok hashtags for educational content:

  1. #LearnSomethingNew
  2. #KnowledgeIsPower
  3. #EducationalVibes
  4. #FunFacts
  5. #LearnWithMe
  6. #DidYouKnow
  7. #StudyTips
  8. #EducationalContent
  9. #LearningJourney
  10. #KnowledgeSharing
  11. #InformativeVideos
  12. #CuriosityCorner
  13. #EducationalInsights
  14. #DiscoverMore
  15. #EduTainment
  16. #BrainFood
  17. #LearnAndGrow
  18. #IntellectualGains
  19. #EducationMatters
  20. #ExpandYourMind

9. TikTok Hashtags for Food-Related Content

@foodwtf This 3 #MichelinStar restaurant serves up a #bresse chicken cooked in a bladder📍Epicure #Paris #France 🎥 IG: @kwokchoiwong #michelin #foodie #foodtiktok ♬ Zou Bisou Bisou – Gillian Hills

Another popular type of content on TikTok is food-related content. This can be anything from cooking videos to food challenges to funny food moments.

If you want your food-related content seen by more people on TikTok, consider using some of the following hashtags:

  1. #FoodieFinds
  2. #FoodPorn
  3. #DeliciousEats
  4. #FoodGasm
  5. #YummyInMyTummy
  6. #FoodieCommunity
  7. #FoodInspiration
  8. #FoodHeaven
  9. #FoodLovers
  10. #TastyTreats
  11. #FoodDiaries
  12. #FoodieAdventures
  13. #FoodieLife
  14. #FoodCravings
  15. #FoodiesUnite
  16. #FoodieCulture
  17. #CookingTips
  18. #FoodieJourney
  19. #FoodExploration
  20. #MouthwateringGoodness

10. TikTok Hashtags for Health and Fitness-Related Content

@honeyyshape ✅ Like and follow for more healthy tips #weightloss #fitnessmotivation #fitness #healthyfood #health #food ♬ I Ain't Worried (From "Top Gun Maverick") – Sunset Anthemz

Are you a fitness influencer or aspiring to help people improve their overall health and wellness? If so, then you'll want to tag your content with these to reach a larger audience of people who are interested in health and fitness.

In addition, using these popular hashtags can also help your content get featured on TikTok's “Discover” page, which can lead to even more views and engagement.

Here are some of the top TikTok hashtags for health and fitness-related content:

  1. #FitLife
  2. #FitnessJourney
  3. #GetActive
  4. #HealthyLifestyle
  5. #FitnessGoals
  6. #WorkoutMotivation
  7. #SweatItOut
  8. #FitnessTips
  9. #FitInspiration
  10. #FitnessCommunity
  11. #GymLife
  12. #FitnessFreaks
  13. #ExerciseRoutine
  14. #FitAndFab
  15. #FitnessChallenge
  16. #WorkoutBuddy
  17. #FitnessAddict
  18. #StrongAndHealthy
  19. #FitFam
  20. #ExerciseEveryday

What Are TikTok Hashtags?

TikTok hashtags are keywords or phrases preceded by the ‘#' symbol which categorize and group content together based on common themes or topics. 

Hashtags on TikTok serve as a powerful tool to discover, explore, and engage with a vast array of content. You can use TikTok hashtags to target a specific audience, promote your brand, and even run TikTok marketing campaigns.

Now that you know what TikTok hashtags are and how they work, let's take a look at what makes TikTok hashtags so important.

Why Should You Use TikTok Hashtags?

TikTok hashtags are a crucial part of a successful TikTok post for plenty of reasons.

Here are several reasons why you should use TikTok hashtags.

1. Expand Your Reach

TikTok hashtags help the algorithm recommend your video to the right person searching for it. That means they help your videos get found by new viewers. When you use TikTok hashtags, your videos have a better chance of appearing in the feeds of users who are searching for those hashtags.

This is especially true if you use popular TikTok hashtags such as “#fyp,” “#duet,” “#love,” “#funny,” and “#dance.”

Here are the top 10 hashtags on TikTok worldwide, by post views (in billions), as of January 2023:

Is a hashtag trending in your niche? If so, you can jump in on the trend and use that hashtag to get in front of a larger audience and start generating more views, likes, comments, and shares.

2. Attract Users with Similar Interests

Using content-related TikTok hashtags gives you the opportunity to connect with other users who are interested in the same topics as you and grow your following organically.

For example, if you tag your video with “#eyemakeuptutorial,” users interested in learning how to do their eye makeup will be more likely to find and watch your video.

On the other hand, if you like to connect with other users that create videos on the same topic, you can also use the hashtag to find them. You can also engage with them users by commenting on their videos, liking their videos, and following them. And, you may even be able to collaborate with them on future videos.

3. Target Your Consumer Base

Tagging your TikTok videos with relevant hashtags helps you target a specific audience.

For example, if you have a fashion brand, you can use hashtags like “#ootd (outfit of the day)” or “#fashion” to reach users who are interested in fashion-related tips and content.

If you use the right TikTok hashtags, you can reach a wider audience, get more views, and even attract new customers.

4. Build a Community

When you use similar hashtags over and over, you create a group of like-minded users who are interested in the same thing (a certain topic).

As a brand, you can also create and promote your own branded hashtags to get more people to watch your content and motivate them to join your growing community.

For example, the fashion brand, Forever21, created the hashtag, “#F21xME” to encourage their followers to share how they style Forever21 clothes.

@nicoleisgod comment your favorite one down below! @forever21 #forever21ambassador #f21xfrankie ♬ original sound – nicole

Both “#f21xme” and “#forever21” are popular hashtags that have helped Forever 21 build a community of fashion-savvy users who are interested in their brand.

Now that you know the importance of TikTok hashtags, let me guide you on how to find the best ones for your content.

How to Find the Best Hashtags for Your TikTok Videos

It can be difficult to know which hashtag to use for your TikTok video. Even within genres of videos such as dance, or funny, there can be hundreds of different hashtags.

Here are a few different ways you can find the best TikTok hashtags for your content.

1. Search TikTok Hashtags

The first way is to simply search for TikTok hashtags on the app.

To do this, go to the “Explore” page and type a keyword into the search bar. Then, click on the “Hashtags” tab to see a list of relevant hashtags.

You can also use the “Trending” page to see a list of the most popular TikTok hashtags.

2. Use a Hashtag Generator

Another way to find TikTok hashtags is to use hashtag research or hashtag generator tools.

For the beginners, hashtag generators are online tools that help you find popular hashtags based on your keyword.

To use a hashtag generator, you simply enter a word or phrase related to your content into the search bar and press enter. The generator will then provide you with a list of popular TikTok hashtags that you can use with that post.

Here’s an example. Using TikTok Hashtag Generator, I searched for #cool, which has 5.6 million posts on TikTok. It also gave me relevant hashtags to use, as well as the number of views the hashtag has.

There are a variety of hashtag generators available online, so be sure to do some research and find one that works best for you. Some popular ones are Hashtagify, TikTok hashtag generator, and HashTagsForLikes.

Here’s a quick tool comparison post I wrote for HashTagsForLikes vs Flick. Read the post to find out what each of these hashtag tools has to offer.

3. Monitor Your Competition

If you want to find TikTok hashtags to boost the reach and engagement of your videos, you should monitor your competition.

Keep an eye on the hashtags they are using as well as the ones that are used in popular videos in your niche. This can give you some insights on the right hashtags to use in your own videos.

Take a look at the videos that are similar to yours and see which hashtags they're using. If you see that a particular hashtag is used frequently in videos with a lot of views and engagement, consider using it in your  videos.

You can also use a tool like All Hashtag’s hashtag analytics to see how your hashtag compares to other popular ones.

4. Find Related Hashtags on TikTok

To find related hashtags on TikTok, start by opening the app and clicking on the magnifying glass icon. This will bring you to the search page.

Type in a broad keyword related to your video's content, such as “dance” or “comedy.”

tiktok comedy search related terms

A list of related hashtags will appear in the dropdown box below the search bar. You can scroll through this list to find popular hashtags that are relevant to your video.

How to Use TikTok Hashtags to Boost Your Content’s Reach

Now that you know how to find the best TikTok hashtags, let's take a look at how you can use them to boost your content's reach.

1. Add TikTok Hashtags to Your Video Description

The first way to use TikTok hashtags is to add them to your video description.

When you upload a video, you can add a description of up to 100 characters. In this description, you should include a few relevant hashtags.

Make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your video content and have a decent amount of traffic. However, don't stuff your description with too many hashtags, as this will make it look spammy.

See how @kathijunes, a comedy content creator, uses hashtags related to her funny video in the video description:

@kathijunes Pudding @Gunda #mama #comedy #lustig #pudding #funny #fy #funnyvideos #puddin ♬ Originalton – kathijunes

2. Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags in a Single Post

Hashtags are amazing, and an important part of any social media post, but it’s easy to overuse hashtags.

For most posts, three to five well-researched hashtags should suffice. TikTok’s caption space is limited to 300 characters, so you could possibly add more. But be careful, as overdoing hashtags can come across as spammy, causing your audience to lose trust in you.

This post has over 1.8M likes and has been viewed over 21 million times, and as you can see in the description there are only 4 hashtags.

tiktok hashtag amount per post example

3. Use a Mix of Popular Broad and Niche Hashtags

As a general rule, you should use a mix of popular broad hashtags and niche hashtags to reach the widest possible audience.

Examples of popular broad hashtags include “#tiktok,” “#foryou,” “#travel,” and “#fyp.” These hashtags have a lot of traffic, but they're also very competitive.

Niche hashtags, on the other hand, are much less competitive and can help you reach a more targeted audience.

For example, if you're a travel content creator, you could use niche hashtags like “#windmills,” “#roadtrip,” and “#californiadiaries” to attract a targeted user base.

@twinsandmom #Road with a view #fypシ #california #californiadiaries #travel #foryoupage #windmills #magnificent #beautiful #roadtrip #usa #tiktokusa #travel ♬ original sound – Jansy John

4. Participate in Hashtag Challenges

If you're not participating in TikTok hashtag challenges like the “#icebucketchallenge” and the “#inmyfeelingschallenge,” you're missing out on boosting your TikTok reach and engagement.

These challenges go viral quickly, and getting early in the game allows you to get involved with the TikTok community, increasing your chances of visibility.

For example, videos tagged with the “#inmyfeelingschallenge” received over 350 million views.


To find hashtag challenges, simply explore the app and look for popular videos that include a hashtag in the title or description. Once you find a challenge you want to participate in, film your video and include the hashtag in the title or description.

As you start to participate in more challenges, you'll notice that your videos will get more views and likes, and you'll start to gain a solid following on TikTok.

You can also create your own branded hashtag challenges and encourage your community to create content using them.

For example, denim and lifestyle brand, GUESS, partnered with TikTok to launch an interactive video campaign – the “#inmydenim” hashtag challenge.

The campaign resulted in over 5000 user-generated videos, an engagement rate of over 14%, and more than 12,000 new followers for GUESS' official TikTok account.

5. Test Your Hashtags

Last but not least, test your TikTok hashtags to see what works best for you. Try different variations of your hashtags and analyze which ones get you the most views.

You should keep track of your hashtag usage and results to get a better idea of what works for you and your channel.

By following these tips, you can effectively use TikTok hashtags to reach a wider audience and get more views on your videos.


1. Why are TikTok hashtags so important?

TikTok hashtags are important because they:

– Help categorize TikTok content
– Make it easier for users to find the videos they want to watch
– Help businesses promote their content on TikTok

If you're not using hashtags on TikTok, you're missing out on a major opportunity to reach new audiences and promote your content.

2. What hashtags are popular on TikTok?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on what kind of content you are looking to produce. However, some popular TikTok hashtags include “#foryou,” “#tiktok,” “#funny,” “#love,” and #music.

To find the current trending hashtags on TikTok, you can always visit TikTok’s creative center which provides the current most used hashtags on the platform.

You should experiment with different hashtags to see which ones help you get the most views and followers. Also, be sure to check out the trending hashtags to see which hashtags are popular on TikTok at the moment.

3. What hashtags get the most likes on TikTok?

When it comes to getting more likes on TikTok, there are a few hashtags that consistently perform well. These include:


Using these hashtags will help you get more likes on your videos, and potentially get your video featured on the “For You” page.

Of course, you should also use hashtags that are relevant to your video content. If your video is about food, for example, you should use hashtags like “#foodie” or “#cooking” instead of using the hashtag, “#travel.”

Be sure to do some research to find the best hashtags for your TikTok videos and start using them to get more likes and views.

Ready to Up Your TikTok Hashtag Game?

When it comes to creating content for TikTok, there are endless possibilities – but the one thing all successful videos have in common is the use of hashtags.

Using hashtags, you can make your content discoverable to a broader audience, allow you to participate in viral challenges and trends, and help you start building a solid following on TikTok.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start using TikTok hashtags today.

Do you have any tips for using TikTok hashtags? Share them in the comments below. And be sure to subscribe to my blog for more tips and tricks on how to grow your business with social media.

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