Did you know that more than 1.5 billion people are using TikTok?

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With such sky-high popularity, no wonder businesses and creators are lining up to build their presence on the platform. If you are one of them, we’ve got some practical tips for TikTok growth. These tips will help you get your content under the spotlight.

9 Actionable Tips For TikTok Growth That You Should Try Out

Even if you are just starting out, these best TikTok tips will help you figure out your overall TikTok growth strategy. Who knows, maybe this time next year you’ll get a shoutout from TikTok, all thanks to our advice.

Start taking notes already!

1. Focus on Quality

You’ll be surprised by how many TikTokers don't take this matter seriously 一 Never compromise on the quality of your videos.

This word to the wise covers the whole shebang: high-quality camera, pleasant lighting/background, and solid video-editing software. Before you begin shooting TikTok videos, make sure you get it all in place.

2. Partner With TikTok Creators

Success doesn’t come like a bolt from the blue (namely, not doing much to strengthen your TikTok impact). For this reason, we have an effective tip for your TikTok growth: Collaborate with famous TikTokers.

All it takes is you to find a leading influencer in your niche who’ll promote your account in their unique approach.

3. Leverage Cross-Promotion

Here’s a tip for TikTok growth that isn’t limited to the platform. Cross promotion is a relatively easy strategy to promote your TikTok account.

It utilizes your presence on other platforms to generate more customers, buyers, and subscribers. Whenever you create a TikTok video, make sure you publish it on other platforms for increased visibility.

4. Make the Most of Hashtags

We know how time-consuming creating a new TikTok video is. If you’ve already devoted that much energy, why not take some extra seconds to help it hit impressive exposure rates?

How to do it?

Here’s a tip: Add hashtags. Sure, this is one of the more obvious TikTok tips out there. But it’s an important one.

Throwing in relevant hashtags contributes to your videos' chances to pop up from a mere keyword search more frequently. It can help you get more views and even drive engagement.

This is one of the best tips that has the potential to make your video go viral if you can use the right trending hashtags.

5. Get Inspiration For New Videos On The “For You” Page

Managing a TikTok page isn’t a piece of cake; it requires determination, perseverance, and patience. Since most people don’t become viral overnight, you must upload new videos regularly to establish a solid TikTok presence.

Whenever creativity fails you, you can check the trending section to see which of these you can follow and adapt. These trending videos can inspire you to record video clips that might win over your audience.

6. Avoid “Salesy” Videos

Let’s recall one of the main principles of marketing: No videos with a too “salesy” message will work.

They yield the opposite results, repelling potential customers instead of bringing them in, which is the last thing we want. Don’t post videos that sell your products aggressively. Instead, go for a subtler approach.

7. Don’t Fall For The “Fake-Engagement” Trap

A quick word of caution: Don't buy fake engagement from third-party sources; they mean nothing.

Such an act could put you in a tight position with the app’s algorithm and harm your brand’s credibility. Once again, you can see that there are no shortcuts when healthy social promotion is concerned.

Keep the following things in mind to guarantee that your TikTok page is on the safe side (namely, it has no fake followers):

  • Most of the time, bots leave the most generic comments possible such as, “great video,” “cool!” etc. These types of comments are rather flexible; they fit nearly any type of content.
  • If you give these “suspicious” accounts a closer look, you’ll most likely find they didn’t even add a profile picture.
  • Any bot-boosted page’s list of followers will increase in sharp spikes but will remain rather stagnant afterward. On the other hand, organic traffic is about steady but gradual growth.

8. Teach Your Audience Something New

Don’t forget why people are on TikTok: For entertainment and to learn something new. When you create a new video, keep this in mind. Always give them what they came for. You must publish content that engages your audience and gives them knowledge.

It is also recommended that you experiment with different types of videos to give your audience some variety.

9. Add Music to Your Videos

Choosing the right music to play in the background in your videos. However, don’t just pick any song. Instead, invest some time in research to find the best trending tunes out there. Pick one that can make your videos seem more fun!

You could also use an original sound effect or track along with some creative effects while making videos. Include a great caption as well for better engagement.


Q1. How to get real followers for TikTok accounts?

A. Upload videos regularly and make them as creative as they can be.

Q2. How can you recognize bot followers?

A. Bot followers usually leave generic, impersonal comments, emojis, or one-word expressions such as “awesome,” or “cool.”

Q3. Do fake TikTok users unfollow you eventually?

A. It depends on where you bought them. Most bot-followers usually don’t unfollow you but won’t interact with your videos either.

Q4. Is it safe to buy TikTok followers?

A. This isn’t a recommended method to apply since the app has developed tools to detect such followers. People who buy fake followers take the risk of having their accounts blocked if they ever get caught.

Q5. Is it possible to buy real TikTok followers?

A. While many websites claim that it is possible to buy authentic followers, this isn’t true. There is a way to have real followers subscribing to your page, though. All you have to do is post top-quality videos and add relevant hashtags to your videos to increase exposure rates.

Q6. How much do TikTok influencers make?

A. We can’t give an accurate answer here since the profits also depend on the niche at hand/other important components. However, we know that the likes and followers the TikTokers got have a remarkable impact on the sums they earn.

Q7. Should I remove any inactive followers my TikTok account has?

A. We recommend removing them if you change your page’s niche and cater to new audiences. Now that the new content is irrelevant for your “old” followers, you don’t need each other anymore. Bots aren’t any better either since they don’t engage with your videos.

Ready to Create Stellar TikTok Videos?

It is a common misconception that growing your TikTok account can happen overnight. In fact, it’s actually a full-time job. The good news is that you can do it all with some careful planning and execution. Are you ready to use these tips to grow your TikTok account?

Do you have any questions about any of the tips and tricks mentioned in this post? Please feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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