Sacramento isn’t the most conducive for getting around via public transportation or by Taxi when you can find one, but there is something amazing coming to town that has made a big hit all over the world.

How many of us would love to indulge in a night out feasting on everything that Sacramento has to offer but hesitate because we want to be responsible and not drink and drive? What about when you are leaving on a business trip at 4:00 am in the morning and don’t want to wake your family and friends to begrudgingly take you to the airport. Sacramento now has an amazing option for you, UBER, the on-demand car service that has taken over as the ultimate means of transportation.

UBER Sacramento is all about the experience! From the incredibly convenient app, car service within five minutes of your request and text messages with your updates. UBER prides itself in providing an experience of comfort and class that you deserve.

Here is my 6-second VINE video on how Uber works

Now How To Get Started

Once you have signed up to be a member of UBER you have their services at your fingertips when and wherever you may need a ride. Opening the app allows you to visually see how many UBER vehicles are in the area along with which ones currently have members. It’s as easy as setting a pickup location, choosing a car (Taxi, UBERx, Black Car or SUV) and within five minutes you have a professional driver ready at your service.

uber sacramento

Once you have chosen the vehicle you want to use then you receive a text confirmation indicating the time of arrival, what the vehicle is and license plate, and photo of the drive with their rating.

UBER in Sacramento

After your experience, you have a wonderful opportunity to rate the vehicle, the driving along with the professionalism of the personal driver that took you to your location.

how to use UBER

No money is exchanged with the driver nor is tipping involved, just a convenient classy ride when you need it. Another great part to this is that you get an UBER Receipt not only showing your fare but the miles traveled and map, the duration of your ride along with the average speed. Unbelievably cool.

I have worked out a deal with Uber where you can get $10 off your first Uber ride!

$10 off your 1st Uber Experience

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photo by Rhonda