Engaging customers early using social media helps get maximum exposure to your advertising message.  This can be seen in the recent trend in advertising before the Super Bowl.  Some companies like Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen are running teasers and ads online before the big game.  Big spenders like Budweiser have gone viral prior to the game and purchased ad space for new commercials.

Benefits of Early Advertising

Ads for the big game are pricey. This year, a 30-second Super Bowl spot on CBS would have cost you between $3.8 million and $4 million dollars. So it's no wonder these brands are using early viral advertising to get more bang for their buck. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are just a few of the places you can find early ads being teased and shared before their big debut.

Early advertising launches a viral discussion on social media, where consumers gain repeated exposure to brands and products. What was once a single-day event has changed into a week-long social banter about the best and the worst America has to offer.

Modera's Exposure Via Social Media

The stimulating effects of media sell people on products, services and ideas. It goes beyond 30-second video advertisements for Super Bowl. Even more static media like photos, allow for consumer engagement. And sharing photos online has become massively popular on Facebook as people answer the question “What's on your mind?” and compare lifestyles. Humans have an underlying, undeniable urge to share personal things with visual impact. And of course, it can go overboard…sometimes we wish our friends would get a clue that we really don't care to see a photo of every meal!

Engagement is the premise of Modera, my new startup venture. The website allows people to post their lifestyle photos online and encourages them to compete by sharing their look and asking for votes. What makes Modera work is the visual stimulation of stylish photos combined with the competition to win prizes.

As users post their own fashion looks, certain fashion brands will gain exposure. As Modera incorporates a broader approach to brand advertisement and monetization, fashion labels will gain maximum exposure — and it's all thanks to the power of social media.