Did you know that 49% of businesses that use digital marketing don’t have a defined product marketing strategy? Even if you have the best product, without promotion, you’re going to lose money.

To grow your business, especially an online business, it’s necessary to outline a solid strategy that details ways to promote your product.

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Getting the word out about your new products isn’t an easy task.

It requires a deep understanding of your target market and target audience. Additionally, you need to know the right marketing strategies to gain visibility quickly.

While there are many ways to promote your product, not all tactics are effective. It can be challenging to understand which strategies actually work.

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To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective, tried-and-tested product marketing strategies.

Using these tactics, you’ll be able to promote a product in less time.

What Are Some Best Strategies to Promote a Product in Less Time?

Showcasing your products to customers isn’t very tough. But finding the right customers is the real challenge. More so if you want to promote a product in less time.

Just because you are hard-pressed for time, don’t be a victim of poor product promotion.

It is possible to market your products well, even in a short span of time. Here are the best strategies you can use to promote your product quickly:

1. Leverage Influencers in Your Marketing

The easiest way to promote a product quickly is to advertise it somewhere that has a large audience.

Ideally, that would be social media networks. Influencers fits the bill perfectly.

What is Influencer marketing?

Typically, influencers are social media marketing personalities who have devoted fan followings. Their followers often look up to them as role models.

Because of their personal connections with their audience, they also possess the ability to influence public opinion through social media.

In a study, 33% of the respondents said that influencers were their most trusted source for shopping recommendations.

You can leverage their social media influence to promote your product, online store, and gain more visibility.

You can take inspiration from Huawei’s influencer marketing campaign. To promote an exclusive design of their Mate 10 Pro Range, they partnered with YouTube influencer, Lewis Hilsenteger.

In an unboxing video, Hilsenteger highlighted the features of the phone and mentioned what he liked about it.

The video garnered more than 8 million views.

hilsenteger youtube ways to promote a product

Image via YouTube

Alternatively, you can also collaborate with influencers for sponsored social media posts, reviews, or contests.

It’s one of the best ways to promote a product in less time.

2. Host Giveaways and Contests

Social media giveaways are a great way to grab the attention of your audience. Since there is a freebie involved, it also gives them the motivation to participate.

Apart from promoting your product, you can also increase your engagement and generate leads. To reach out to a large number of people, you can ask your followers to tag their friends.

Additionally, you can also encourage them to use your branded hashtags.

You can add these as criteria to be eligible to take part in the giveaway. Not only will this boost your brand awareness, but it can also win you loyal brand advocates.

As a reward, you can offer your products, memberships, or even loyalty points.

To promote its new products, L’Occitane partnered with multiple influencers. As a part of their campaign, they asked people to follow them on Instagram Stories.

l’occitane instagram ways to promote a product

Image via Instagram

3. Leverage User-Generated Content

One of the most effective ways to promote a product is to let your customers do the talking.

Don’t toot your own horn.

Instead, give the center stage to your customers. Let them tell others how great your products are.

How can you do this?

By encouraging them to create content for you. Not only will this increase your brand’s credibility but it can also improve your brand’s reputation.

Apple’s #ShotoniPhone campaign is one of the best examples of a user-generated content campaign.

They encouraged iPhone users to upload photos taken from their phones and to tag Apple on Instagram.

The best shots, chosen by Apple, are showcased on their official Instagram page.

apple’s instagram ways to promote a product

Image via Instagram

4. Organize Events

If you’re coming up with a new product, the best way to create a buzz about it is to throw a product launch party.

Even for your older products, you can organize events to celebrate special occasions.

Want to know a secret to events?

What’s more important than the event itself is whom you invite!

For maximum publicity, invite industry leaders, influencers, and prominent personalities. Encourage them to post about the event on social media.

This is a quick way to generate a lot of press for your brand.

Online retailer, Revolve, has leveraged this strategy to grow its audience. Every year, they organize an invite-only party at the Coachella festival.

Last year, their guest list included all of the who’s who of the fashion industry including Kendall Jenner, Shay Mitchell, and other A-listers.

#revolvefestival instagram ways to promote a product

Image via Instagram

What were the results of the publicity?

Over the weekend, the hashtag, #RevolveFestival, was trending on all social media platforms.

It became such a hit that people demanded that the organizers open up the festival to fans.

Organizing such a large-scale event can upset your budget. But big isn’t always better.

You can also organize small-scale virtual events and get the same publicity by inviting the right people.

After all, the Revolve festival also started with a guest list of only about ten people.

5. Run a Referral Program

Creating brand advocates is the easiest way to promote a product. Referral programs are a great way to incentivize people to promote your product and your landing page.

That’s because they offer value to all parties involved.

How does the referral program work?

With a referral program, your customers can earn a discount or a reward for referring their friends to your product and landing page.

Similarly, the person who is being referred will also receive some reward.

And you get a new customer and promote your product. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Airbnb uses their referral program to promote their services and to grow its audience.

For every referral, they offer a $100 travel credit to anyone who invites their friend to use Airbnb.

corpsquatch website ways to promote a product

Image via Corpsquatch

6. Send Emails

59% of consumers say that their purchase decisions are influenced by marketing emails.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote a product without spending too much money.

How can you use email marketing to promote your product?

Craft a compelling subject line and use the right tone of voice to connect with your audience.

Through email newsletters, you can inform your audience about new products or offer them special discounts.

However, make sure you send your emails only to customers who might be interested in them.

It may be tempting to purchase email marketing lists, but in the long run, it can damage your brand reputation.

Ready to Promote Your Product?

There is an endless number of ways to promote a product. But not all product marketing plans offer the same results.

If you want to promote your product quickly, you need to look beyond traditional methods of advertising and simply leveraging Google search rankings.

You should leverage influencer marketing, content generated by users, and the other strategies mentioned above.

In which other ways can you promote a product? Please share your views in the comments section.


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