WordPress is a popular free online open source tool for blogging and eCommerce that was launched in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Now, there are 12,730,053 websites running on WordPress alone. Here are a few interesting facts you should know about WordPress:

1] Over 409 million people view WordPress websites each month.
2] About 42.6 million new posts are posted each month.
3] WordPress is now available in 40 languages worldwide.
4] 22% of new U.S. registered domains run on WordPress.
5] 48% of top 100 Technorati blogs are using WordPress.
6] More than 30,000 plug-ins are available.
7] WordPress hosts the fastest-growing free eCommerce platform called WooCommerce.

With such an increasing demand, it’s important for businesses to optimize WordPress for search engines to receive the leads, conversions, and revenue necessary for success. Whether your business is seeking conversions in the form of liked blog posts, email subscriptions, or eCommerce product sales, you can turn your WordPress website into a conversion machine. Below are some suggestions for ways you can meet your goals of increasing your customer base, improving your social engagement, and reducing bounce rates through WordPress.

Notification Bar

In order to grab attention from your website’s visitors, it’s a great idea to add a notification bar on the top of your page. According to Jason Acidre, he was able to increase his company’s subscribers by 532% through using the HelloBar by Crazy Egg. You can also choose to use the WordPress plug-in called Icegram to discover more cool features like pop-ups, toast notifications, action bars, and messengers. Choose the style that fits your targeting rules best, direct your website traffic strategically, and watch your conversions soar.


Using a heatmap is an easy way to find the most effective and clickable parts of your website. It’s smart to analyze your website with WordPress plug-ins like Extrawatch and SumoMe to figure out the most prominent areas of your page. Then, you’ll be able to remove “deadweight” elements that are dragging visitor’s attention away from calls to action.


As was previously mentioned in my post on Shopify Conversions, more than half of all people worldwide are using smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet. Therefore, it’s increasingly important to build a responsive website that’ll increase your sales and reduce your bounce rates. Make use of the WordPress plug-in called WPtouch to make your website as easy to navigate as possible across all mobile devices.

Page Speed

If you’re going to turn WordPress into a conversion machine, you’ll need to have a website that loads with lightening quick speed. No customers will like browsing a site that takes 30 seconds to open, so check the Google Page Speed tool to see where your webpage stands. It’s recommended that your page speed is 85 or above for good search engine rankings. Use the W3 Total Cache in WordPress to easily minify CSS, enable gzip compression, increase server performance, and reduce download times.

Testimonials/Product Reviews

Testimonials are the key method for gaining potential new customers’ trust. Placing client or user reviews on your home page or product pages is helpful for boosting customer engagement. Video testimonials are even more effective for increasing engagement by up to 400%! Adding your client’s logos in a prominent area like Conversion Rate Experts did is also a great way to grab maximum attention from your visitors. Viavi, Testimonials Widget, and WP Product Review are WordPress plug-ins that can help you custom design textual or video testimonials for your page.

Live Chats

Even the smallest doubt in the user’s mind can lead to your company’s loss. As a result, it’s essential to add a live chat that can provide quick help in decision-making before visitors click away. Support systems are designed to assist users in having the best browsing experience to boost conversion rates. Adding live chat through the WordPress plug-in Flyzoo will help achieve these goals.

Referral Systems

Referral systems may seem like an old school method for obtaining valuable new customers, but it actually remains very effective for increasing conversion today. Add the WooCommerce Refer a Friend and AF Tell a Friend plug-ins to your WordPress website to see sales climb.

Exit Offers

No one likes to see customers walking away from their online store after browsing through many products, so it’s important to engage with them before it’s too late. Once you know the average session duration on your website, schedule a pop-up five to ten seconds before the average exit time to see your desired results. Exit offers can include special discounts, coupon codes, complimentary gifts, etc. Use the WordPress plug-in Exit Pop to lengthen your average session duration and persuade new customers.


To build an efficient conversion machine, you’ll need to know what customers think about your products and your website. So, ask users to take a short survey about whether they like the products offered or if they’re looking for something else. Results from these surveys will provide the exact feedback to understand what your site visitors want. In your WordPress account, add the Webengage or Simple Survey plug-in to easily send out these surveys.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are designed to summarize the content of a webpage to make it simpler for users to understand what the site is about in Google search results. Search engines usually try to show the best possible results in the SERP with information about ratings, product prices, event timings, availability, and so on. Therefore, you’ll need to mark up your website’s pages and use a structured data testing tool to improve your click-through rate (CTR). The WordPress plug-in All In One Schema will enable many markups to boost conversion in one quick go.

A/B Testing

You’ll never know which design is most effective for your business’s website unless you set up a content experiment through A/B testing in Google Analytics. For ideal conversion rate optimization, create two different website variations, test how visitors are responding to the design, and use the one with the highest conversions. You can also use the plug-in Optimizely to effortlessly build a design for your page.


Understanding the psychology of conversions can be difficult, but it’s necessary to implement the right approach that’ll engage customers. Sometimes playing with users’ minds can help increase motivation and boost your conversion rate. Some helpful psychological tools are:

1. Urgency and Scarcity

When you place a timeline on a certain product, it’s more likely that a customer will make a quick purchasing decision in your favor. Statements like “Buy now” and “Don’t miss out” can be useful for grabbing maximum attention and improving conversions. Another easy way to coerce customers is to create scarcity by stating there are just few products left in stock.

2. Social Count

As social beings, we’re more likely to join in with a crowd of people. That’s why it’s critical for you to share the social count for your website to lift your conversion rates higher. Simply seeing that a large number of people have participated in buying a product or reading a blog post will make others inclined to join in too. Take advantage of this “me too” factor for better conversions.

Overall, all of the above methods can be utilized to transform your WordPress website into a well-oiled conversion machine. Remember that user experience is a prominent ranking factor in Google, so don’t take customer engagement for granted in boosting your page’s organic traffic and improving your bottom line.