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There’s no denying how powerful visuals are. Not only does visual content connect with audiences better, but it also leaves a more lasting impression than text. And if it’s in the form of a video, the effects are even better.

Videos are capable of communicating emotions. No wonder why people find them more relatable. And for the exact same reason, marketers are more inclined to use YouTube marketing today. A well-made video can be incredibly valuable in promoting your brand and driving conversions.


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That being said, creating a video isn’t exactly child’s play. It’s definitely way more complex than creating textual content. But does that mean you should shy away from it? Definitely not.

Here’s a list of 11 YouTube marketing tools you need to start using this year.

11 of the best YouTube Marketing Tools

These tools will not only help you create videos easily, but also put them in front of your target audiences.

1. BuzzSumo

A key challenge that most content creators are faced with is coming up with topics for their content. Something that’s relevant to your audiences. Essentially, something that’s trending. Otherwise, why would anyone be interested in it, right?


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BuzzSumo is a solution that’s tailor-made to solve such issues. With their social search feature, you can identify the kind of content that’s currently trending on YouTube. With plans starting at $79/month, this is a great tool to find inspiration for your videos.

2. GoAnimate

GoAnimate is a platform that allows you to create animated videos in a simple, easy, and hassle-free way. With plans starting at $39/month, you can create professional-quality videos with simple drag-and-drop actions.


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You can add voice-overs, change backgrounds, characters, and props with just a click. Creating videos can’t get easier than that.

3. Canva

Canva is a tool that is also used in youtube marketing as it allows you to create beautiful professional-quality featured images for your content. Their interface is pretty simple and intuitive that allows you to create good-looking banners in various layouts and fonts.


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The best part about Canva? You can pretty much use it for free although there’s a paid version available for more advanced features too. And a bigger library of illustrations and photos to choose from.

4. CoSchedule

There are many youtube marketers who focus on the core content so much that they forget some of the basics. For instance, the headline of your video is just as important, if not more. After all, this is what will help your content get discovered in searches.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

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CoSchedule helps you create compelling headlines using the right combination of keywords to maximize traffic to your youtube content. So, make sure to use this free tool and come up with the perfect headline for your youtube videos.

5. Bulk Suggest Tool

This tool can help you find keywords or tags that you can use in your videos. All you need to do is simply enter the base word and it will display a list of suggestions of the most popular phrases starting with it. This tool makes use of Google’s and YouTube’s “Suggest” databases and is completely free to use.

Bulk Suggest Tool

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You now know how important it is for your YouTube video to show up in searches. That’s practically the only way in which your videos will get real visibility. And, wherever there are searches involved, there’s the need for the right keywords.

YouTube Keyword Tool

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The keyword tool for YouTube is a free application that helps you find the right keywords for your videos. It helps you find exactly the ones that viewers on YouTube are searching for.

7. vidIQ

vidIQ is a YouTube-certified partner that helps you increase the organic reach of your videos. It can help you increase your collection of tags by as much as 10X. They have a basic version that you can use for free. They also have plans starting at $7.50/month for more advanced features.


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8. Hootsuite

Hootsuite makes it really easy to manage your YouTube workflow. You can schedule videos and share them on all your social platforms using it.


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It even helps you manage multiple YouTube accounts, moderate comments on videos thus saving your time. Their plans start from $19/month.

9. agora pulse

This tool can be really helpful for your managing your YouTube channel. With plans starting at $49/month, it ensures that you can engage with your audiences in real-time. You need not worry about missing comments on your videos anymore.


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10. BirdSong Analytics

This is a very useful tool which can help you analyze any YouTube channel for engagement or review SEO elements. This can come in extremely handy for competitor analysis.

BirdSong Analytics

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With plans starting at $5.99, it gives you detailed reports to help you analyze these insights offline.

11. BRAND24

BRAND24 is a tool that helps you gather social insights about your brand. You can get access to your mentions in real-time and see what people are saying about you.


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This is a great tool to help you understand the sentiments of your audiences about your videos. Whether they’re positive, negative, or just neutral. You can sign up for their free version or even make use of the paid one that starts at $49/month.

Can you think of any other useful YouTube marketing tools? Let me know in the comments below.

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