ZeBrand Review: The Summary Box

ZeBrand is a brand-building platform that helps emerging businesses build a solid brand identity at a fraction of the cost that a branding agency would charge. The software program helps you create and visualize your brand’s story with step-by-step exercises, AI-based algorithms, and brand coaches.

Product Ratings
Value For Money:
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • A quick way to start your brand-building journey
  • AI algorithms-powered recommendations for brand design
  • Downloadable branding assets
  • Option to get personal advice from experienced brand coaches
  • Limited choices of fonts and icons with the Free plan
  • Doesn’t provide a refund on plan cancellation (However, you can continue using the branding platform until your billing cycle.)
Pricing Details
Pricing PlanFilmora Cost (Per Month)
EnterpriseCustom pricing (available on request)

Note:You can also choose to pay annually and save some money. When billed yearly, their plans start at only $29/month.

Quick Review

ZeBrand is a branding platform that can help you streamline your branding process using technology, tools, brand coaches, and artificial intelligence-based algorithms built on the data of existing brand identities.

You can start designing your brand for free with their starter plan and gradually upgrade to paid plans to get more control over your branding assets.

Their Standard plan gives you everything you need, from design assets to brand guidelines, logo, social media kit, and presentation and website templates. The only thing that it lacks when compared to their Premium plan is a 1:1 virtual coaching session with a leading brand coach.

Overall, ZeBrand is an easy-to-use branding platform that makes branding simpler, more efficient, and accessible for startups and small to medium-sized emerging businesses.

ZeBrand Review: What Are Its Key Features?

  • Brand Strategy Boards
  • Interactive Branding Tools and Frameworks
  • Brand Design Templates
  • Original Custom Logo Files
  • Handpicked Fonts and Color Palette
  • Photography Library
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Social Media Kit
  • Branded Presentation Deck Templates
  • 3 Different Website Templates
  • One-on-One Sessions with Brand Coaches

Who Was ZeBrand Designed For?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Brand Managers
  • Brand Strategists
  • Startups
  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Bloggers and Influencers
  • Freelancers
  • Anyone Who Wants to Build a Brand

Detailed ZeBrand Review: How Can It Help You Build a Strong Brand Identity?

ZeBrand aims to help you design a brand identity that will make you stand out, connect with your customers, and get closer to achieving your business goals.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or anyone who wants to do personal branding, you don’t need a big branding budget anymore.

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All you need is this branding platform, according to their founder:

“Our goal is to make branding accessible to all people of various backgrounds and budgets and to create a world where they can freely express who they are as a business and can scale towards success by leveraging a unique brand that is theirs and theirs alone.”
– Ryo Kikuchi, CEO & Founder, ZeBrand

Wondering how this branding platform can help you build a brand?

Let me introduce you to the brand-building process of ZeBrand from scratch.

1. Create Brand Guidelines for Free

Getting started with ZeBrand is easy.

When you click on, “Get Started,” the branding platform directs you to interactive frameworks that are designed to help you think about your brand in a structured and efficient way. As you complete the exercises, it will help you gain more clarity about what your brand stands for.

Step 1: Choose your brand’s primary color that embodies your business.

zebrand getstarted

Step 2: Let them know which industry or business category your brand belongs to.

zebrand business category

Step 3: Set your target audience, including details about their ages, genders, and occupations.

(P.S. You can leverage advanced user tracking methods to identify your target audience and their demographics.)

zebrand target audience

Step 4: Now it’s time to think about your brand’s personality.

zebrand brand’s personality

Step 5: Select additional keywords to establish your brand’s persona.

zebrand brand’s persona

Step 6: Enter your business name.

If you’re just starting out, make sure that you follow the best practices while naming your startup business.

zebrand naming your startup business

You can easily sign up using an email address and make more edits to your brand’s story and design from your user dashboard.

zebrand dashboard

As of 2021, more than 55,000 businesses trust ZeBrand to build their brands. Now, it’s your turn to join those entrepreneurs and start designing your brand identity.

Free plan available. No credit card required.

2. Create Impactful Brand Elements with ZeBrand’s AI Algorithms

ZeBrand doesn’t just offer a design template service. This branding software solution actually empowers entrepreneurs and brand managers to design a brand that can make an ever-lasting impression on their ideal buyers.

What I like the most about ZeBrand is that their AI-powered algorithms consider your brand strategy, industry, and needs to design your brand’s visual identity.

So what are you waiting for?

Use your email address to sign up to ZeBrand and start creating a harmonious brand design toolkit that perfectly represents your vision and values.

Once you’ve signed up, you can define the look and feel of your brand and finalize visual design elements that are the building blocks of your brand identity. These include your brand’s logo, color palette, typography, and photography.

You can either utilize elements suggested by their AI algorithms or upload your own branded assets.

For example, I chose to stick with my current brand logo:

current brand logo

Choose your brand colors from AI recommendations or tweak the shades and hues to suit your liking.

tweak shades and hues

Choose which font best feels like your brand.

font best feels

The branding platform will provide typography recommendations based on your industry.

based on your industry

You can also download marketing assets (like fonts) that you approve of, directly from your ZeBrand account. Free marketing assets include fonts and photography.

Want more choices of fonts, colors, and icons based on your inputs, upgrade your plan to unlock more options!

Their Standard plan offers all free features, plus:

  • More Brand Design Options
  • Downloadable Brand Assets (All)
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Custom Logo
  • Social Media Kit
  • Presentation Templates
  • Website Templates

Don’t you want to enjoy the benefits of advanced branding features?

If you do, take the next step and:

3. Get a One-on-One Coaching Session with a Leading Brand Strategist

As I had shared earlier in this ZeBrand review post, their Standard plan offers everything you need to build a solid brand identity and download essential visual brand elements.

The only reason why companies switch to their Premium plan is that it allows you to get personal assistance from reputable brand coaches.

Wondering how brand coaches can help you?

Brand coaches can help you:

  • Fill out your brand strategy boards.
  • Ensure your product, social media toolkit, and marketing assets are aligned.
  • Analyze whether your brand design effectively communicates your business strengths.
  • Solve any branding or marketing-related issues.

You might want to know who these brand coaches are.

Next, I’ll introduce you to some of ZeBrand’s brand coaches and their expertise:

Want to get on enriching 45-minute sessions with such brand coaches?

Once you upgrade your plan, ZeBrand will follow the approach shared below:

zebrand approach

Image via ZeBrand

Not sure about using this branding platform yet?

Let’s check out ZeBrand reviews from other entrepreneurs. This will help you discover how other companies have benefited from this branding platform and evaluate if it’s worth investing in.

How Has ZeBrand Helped Other Businesses? Listen to Their Clients

zebrand reviews

Image via ZeBrand


Q1. Is their Free plan free forever?

A. Yes, ZeBrand offers a Free plan that gives you access to the basic features of this branding platform. Their Free plan includes:

  • Brand design (basic elements)
  • Brand story
  • Downloadable basic marketing assets (fonts, photography)
  • Public viewing access

To get more control over building your brand, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan, which starts at $29 per month (billed annually).

Q2. How can I pay to upgrade to ZeBrand’s paid plans?

A. ZeBrand accepts credit card payments from most of the major credit card providers. This includes payments from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB cards. They do not accept payments from UnionPay.

Q3. Will I get a refund if I cancel their paid plan?

A. No, ZeBrand doesn’t provide refunds for canceled or unused accounts, given the nature of our digital content. When you cancel your plan, you will still be able to use their branding platform until the end of your billing cycle, after which your plan will be canceled.

Q4. How do I get started with ZeBrand?

A. When you sign up to ZeBrand, you’ll start with their Free starter plan by default. The branding platform will ask you a few questions about the colors, style, audience demographics, and industry that best suits your business. It will also provide a few basic downloadable brand assets.

Once you’re ready to customize and have greater control over building your brand, you can upgrade to advanced plans at any time.

Q5. How can I change my registered email address with ZeBrand?

A. You can contact their team with your request to change your registered email address using their contact form. Don’t forget to include your current email address and your new one in the description field.

Q6. Which brand assets do I get with upgraded plans?

A. With their Standard and Premium plans, you get downloadable brand assets like:

  • Logo (PNG)
  • Fonts
  • 9 photos (JPEG)
  • Brand guidelines (PDF)
  • Presentation templates (Google Slides, can be converted to Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Website Templates (corporate, blog, and online store)
  • Social media marketing assets (PNG) for:
    • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube (2 cover images and 2 icon images each)
    • Zoom (2 virtual backgrounds)
    • Others (2 cover images)

Q7. Can I apply a promo code?

A. If you have a promo code:

Go to their Pricing page > Choose the plan you want > Click on “Have a promo code?” > Enter your promo code > Click on “Apply”

Q8. Have other questions?

A. Connect with their support team here for help. You can also send an email to [email protected].

ZeBrand Review: Do You Really Need This Branding Platform?

Building a powerful brand is a complex process but it is still essential to make your business stand out from your competitors and grow successfully.

Are you finding it difficult to turn your ideas into a clear direction for your brand?

That’s where ZeBrand‘s branding platform comes into the picture. It can help you create, customize, and control all aspects of your brand using brand storyboards, design templates, and downloadable branded assets.

Help your brand reach its full potential with the structured, step-by-step exercises and AI algorithm-powered branding tools offered by ZeBrand.

While you can also build your brand by hiring a team of brand strategists, designers, and consultants in-house, ZeBrand helps you do it more strategically and efficiently. And don’t forget – their AI algorithms are built on the data of existing brand identities.

And then, what’s the harm in trying ZeBrand for free?

If you don’t find it valuable enough, you can always choose not to upgrade to their paid plans.

Do you need help building a solid online presence for your brand? Reach out to my team of digital marketing experts for specialized online PR services.

We’ll help you optimize your brand’s web presence for greater online exposure and better credibility.

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