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Launching an influencer marketing campaign? You should begin with an influencer audit on Instagram to measure the real influence of potential influencers.

We conduct a thorough social influencer audit for Instagram influencers, and provide you with a detailed report on their performance. This will help you avoid influencers who are ineffective, or not a good fit for your brand or campaign. We help make sure that you only work with influencers who are perfect for you.

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What is an Instagram Influencer Audit?

An Instagram influencer audit involves conducting extensive research on Instagram influencers. The goal is to determine their potential for influencing a brand’s target audience. Will they be able to deliver the desired results for your brand?

Our Instagram audit reveals important details about influencers, like:

  • The level of engagement on the influencer’s content
  • Distribution of gender among the influencer’s audience
  • Age demographics of the influencer’s audience
  • Location(s) in which the influencer has influence
  • Language(s) used by the influencer’s audience

These are just some of the details you can find out about influencers through our Instagram audit report. And using these insights, you will be able to measure the potential of each influencer on your shortlist. You can then choose only the best influencers for your brand.

Why You Need an Influencer Audit

Have you run an influencer marketing campaign before without performing an Instagram audit on the influencers first? Did they help you accomplish your goals?

Even if some of them did, chances are there were some influencers you wish you had never worked with at all. The goal of an influencer audit is to help you avoid that feeling of regret.

An influencer audit helps ensure you only form a partnership with an influencer who’s perfect for your brand. After a social influencer audit, you will get a detailed report to help you determine the influencer’s real influence on your target audience. You can then measure their potential for helping you accomplish your campaign goals.

Through a social influencer audit, you can find out:

  • Does the influencer have influence on your target age group?
  • Does the influencer have a sufficient following of people from different ethnicities?
  • Does the influencer have influence on your target gender?
  • Does the influencer have influence on people from your target location(s)?
  • Does the influencer specialize in your industry?
  • Does the influencer have affinity towards your brand?

Why Us?

At Shane Barker Consulting, we conduct thorough brand audits for Instagram to help you discover some of the best Instagram influencers to leverage your campaign. Our Instagram audit report provides more in-depth insights than any influencer marketing tool. We help you understand the breakdown of an influencer’s audience, and how that can impact your campaign.

When you choose to perform a social influencer audit through us, we dedicate ourselves to see you through the rest of your influencer marketing journey. You will be working with a team of experts in influencer marketing, and social media analytics. We make sure you get all the insights you need to find the best influencers for your brand.

What Our Report Contains

Our Instagram audit report contains in-depth insights about an influencer, and their level of influence. In addition to the basic influencer stats, you’ll get a breakdown of their influence on various demographics.

Here’s what you’ll get from our detailed report:

  • The influencer’s average level of engagement
  • Gender distribution among the influencer’s audience
  • Age distribution among the influencer’s audience
  • Percentage of different ethnicities among the influencer’s audience
  • Gender distribution among different age groups
  • Location(s) of the influencer’s audience by country, state, and city
  • Language(s) spoken by the influencer’s audience
  • Brands the influencer has promoted
  • The influencer’s most popular posts

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