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I have helped all kinds of businesses run successful influencer campaigns.

Do you want to learn expert techniques and strategies to win at influencer marketing? Hire me as an influencer marketing trainer for you and your team.

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Why Should You Hire an
Influencer Marketing Trainer?

Influencer marketing is a versatile marketing tactic that can help you achieve multiple goals simultaneously. However, it takes a few trials and misses for everyone to learn how to do it right.

But, not all businesses have the time or resources to follow that slow learning curve. Hiring an influencer marketing trainer can help you learn quickly and efficiently.

I have over 25 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. Save time and money for your business by hiring an experienced influencer marketing trainer like me.

By hiring me as an influencer marketing trainer you can:

  • Train your team to become pro at influencer marketing
  • Guide your clients to better manage their influencer campaigns
  • Become an expert at influencer marketing yourself
  • Shorten your learning curve and do it right the first time

I have been invited as a keynote speaker at prestigious events like the Marketing Days Conference and DigiPlus Conclave. I make my sessions interactive and engaging to ease the learning process.

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What Would I Cover in My
Influencer Marketing Training Sessions?

I can teach you the A to Z of influencer marketing and reveal my secrets of running successful influencer marketing campaigns.

While I am well-versed with all aspects of influencer marketing, I like to customize my training sessions according to each client’s individual needs. You can choose exactly what you want me to cover in my training session.

If you hire me as an influencer marketing trainer, you will learn:

  • Influencer marketing basics like when and how to use this marketing tactic and what you can achieve

  • Influencer search, vetting, and selection techniques to find and work with the right influencers

  • Influencer outreach and contract negotiation to enter mutually-beneficial agreements with influencers and nurture lasting relationships

  • Training on legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure compliance with rules and regulations and avoid any penalties

  • Strategy design and campaign management to become an expert at planning and executing influencer campaigns

  • KPI tracking and performance measurement to be able to effectively assess the performance of your campaigns

  • Tips on influencer content repurposing to get more out of your influencer marketing campaigns

  • Or, any other topic or area that you want me to focus on

I can conduct influencer marketing training sessions both online and on-site, depending on your requirements. Hire me as an influencer marketing trainer and become an expert yourself.

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What You Can Expect

I like to customize my training programs to meet your needs. You tell me what you want me to focus on and I will create a customized training program for you.

If you hire me as an influencer marketing trainer, here’s what you can expect:

  • Introductory/Requirement Gathering Call

  • Finalizing Content Requirements

  • Setting the Duration, Date, Time, & Venue

  • Training Content Design & Development

  • Conducting the Training

  • Interactive Q&A Session

  • Providing Handouts and Other Resources

Leverage my expertise by hiring me as an influencer marketing trainer. Learn how to do it yourself rather than hiring someone for every campaign.

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  • Q. How much experience do you have?

    A. I have over 25+ years of experience, during which I have helped businesses and marketers run successful influencer marketing campaigns. I have also taught an influencer marketing course at UCLA and spoken at over 100 influencer marketing events.

    I am regularly invited as a keynote speaker at many prestigious events and have conducted influencer marketing training sessions for dozens of clients. My training sessions are engaging and interactive, so you will enjoy the whole learning process.

  • Q. Will you conduct your training session online or offline?

    A. I conduct both online training and offline training sessions. For online training sessions, we simply need to decide a date and time for each session.

    For offline training sessions, we will also need to decide on a venue. You can choose one and I can come and take a session there.

  • Q. Will your training program have multiple sessions?

    A. That completely depends on how comprehensive you want the training program to be. A focussed training program on a specific topic can be covered in a single session. For broader programs covering multiple topics, I might need to take multiple sessions.

    I will discuss your requirements and create a customized training program for you. So, you will know exactly how many sessions it will take, right at the outset.

  • Q. Will you also provide some handouts or resources to help the participants execute what you taught?

    A. Yes, you will get the presentation, links to important online resources, and other relevant information. For on-site workshops, I can also provide printed handouts on request.

    Rest assured that I will equip you with everything that you need to design and execute a successful influencer marketing campaign.

  • Q. Have any other questions?

    Feel free to ask.

Want to Learn How to Do
Influencer Marketing Right?

Hire me as an influencer marketing trainer and learn my secrets, tips, and tricks to become a pro at running influencer campaigns. Invest in my influencer marketing training program and see the results for yourself.

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