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I have 25+ years of experience in the field of digital marketing.

Do you want me to reveal all my secrets, tips, and tricks to master the art of influencer marketing? Hire me to conduct a customized influencer marketing workshop for you.

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Why Should You Conduct an Influencer Marketing Workshop?

Influencer marketing is beneficial for all types of businesses as it can help you achieve multiple marketing goals. However, there are a lot of aspects to master and mistakes to avoid if you want to win at influencer marketing.

I have worked with A-list influencers like Zoe Rodriguez and Chris Ruden and helped many businesses with their influencer campaigns. Hiring an expert like me to train you, your employees, or your clients can help save tons of money and effort.

You should hire me to organize an influencer marketing workshop if:

  • You would like to train your team to learn the nuances of influencer marketing
  • You want to guide your clients to successfully manage their influencer campaigns
  • You want to become an expert yourself so that you can help your clients with it
  • You would rather learn how to do it yourself than hire an agency every time you run a campaign

I have been a keynote speaker at numerous influencer marketing events like the Marketing Days Conference 2017 and DigiPlus Conclave 2020. I have conducted many customized workshops to help businesses and marketers.

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What Does My Workshop Offer?

I can train you on the A to Z of influencer marketing and give you tips and techniques to run successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Although I’m an expert at all aspects of influencer marketing, I can also conduct specialized workshops based on your specific needs. You can either go for an all-in-one influencer marketing workshop or a targeted one focusing on any particular area in more detail.

Here is a broad list of topics that will be covered in my influencer marketing workshop:

  • Influencer marketing basics to understand what it is and why you should leverage this marketing technique

  • Influencer search, vetting, and selection techniques to help you learn who to work with and how to find them

  • Influencer outreach and contract negotiation training to ensure that you enter mutually-beneficial collaborations

  • Training on legal and regulatory frameworks that you should know about and comply with to avoid any hassles

  • Strategy design and campaign management to help you plan and run successful influencer marketing campaigns

  • KPI tracking and performance measurement to guide you through which metric to track and how to assess the success or failure of your campaigns

  • Tips on influencer content repurposing to get more value and a higher ROI from the same content

  • Or, any specific area/topic related to influencer marketing you want me to focus on

I can conduct influencer marketing workshops both online or on-site, depending on what suits your needs best. Leverage my expertise to become an influencer marketing expert.

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How I Work - My Process

Conducting an influencer marketing workshop is a unique service that I provide and I have my own process to do it. While I customize my workshop content for each client, the way I work remains the same.

If you hire me to conduct an influencer marketing workshop, here’s what you can expect:

  • Introductory Call

  • Finalizing Topic and Content Requirements

  • Finalizing Duration, Date, Time, and Venue

  • PPT Design and Development

  • Conducting the Workshop

  • Interactive Q&A session

  • Providing Resources, Handouts, etc.

I can train you to become a pro at influencer marketing and can set you on the right course to be able to run effective influencer marketing campaigns.

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  • Q. How much experience do you have in the field of influencer marketing?

    A. I have over 25+ years of experience, during which I have run numerous successful influencer marketing campaigns. I have also taught a course on influencer marketing at UCLA and spoken at 100+ influencer marketing events.

  • Q. Where would you conduct the workshop? Will you come to us or vice-versa?

    A. I conduct both online and offline influencer marketing workshops. In the case of the former, the participants can simply attend online from anywhere. For offline workshops, I will come to your chosen location and conduct the workshop there.

  • Q. Are on-site workshops better than online ones?

    A. I honestly don’t think that anything that can be done in an on-site workshop can’t be done online. I mean, this is not the kind of workshop where you hold hands and conduct team-building activities where you need to be physically present.

    My influencer marketing workshops are more about discussing the various techniques and expert tips that I have learned over the years. It will be more of a conversation and can be as effectively done online as it would be on-site.

    So, to answer your question, no it is not better. You can opt for either of these based on your convenience.

  • Q. Will you also provide some handouts or resources to help the participants execute what you taught?

    A. Yes, you will get a copy of the presentation, links to other online resources, and other relevant information that you will need to implement my teachings. For on-site workshops, we can also provide printed materials on request.

    However, rest assured that I will equip you with everything that you need to plan and execute a successful influencer campaign.

  • Q. What if some of the participants have some follow-up questions? Will you entertain one-on-one questions?

    A. I encourage people to ask as many questions as needed as that’s the best way to learn. I will take direct questions from the participants for a mutually-agreed-upon time period after the workshop. Even after that, if you need any assistance, you can simply reach out to me and I will be happy to help.

  • Q. Have any other questions?

    Feel free to ask.

Want to Excel at Influencer Marketing?

Learn from an expert with 25+ years of experience. Hire me to conduct an influencer marketing workshop and learn my secrets of how to ace it.

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