mg empower

MG Empower

MG Empower helps brands grow their businesses, reach new audiences and make an impact with digital and influencer marketing. They believe in the power of people to drive business value through social, experiential and innovation. Their 360* approach to brand storytelling and co-creation overcomes the initial brief and encourages greater ROI. MG Empower is present…

influencer marketing factory

Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Factory is a full-service agency that handles all aspects of influencer marketing, from influencer discovery to campaign management and ROI reporting. They have the expertise and tools to get your brand in front of millennials and Gen Zers on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.



BrandMentions tool is designed to track any keywords you want and engage in online conversations in real-time. Its purpose is to detect all the web mentions that your brand or your competitors’ have in a given period of time. Complementarily, you can also track topics or trends to find out the most competitive areas in…



An Instagram marketing agency that focuses on driving better business outcomes with best-in-class Instagram marketing services.

Being a communication agency, this platform helps brands to get more visibility, sales and market shares. If offers the assistance of the best designers, strategists and business model experts of the industry. Its performance strategy system ensures performance and risk reduction for agile marketing.



This unique platform helps brands to target the most suitable influencers across multiple-channels including Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. In addition, it also provides support to manage campaigns through social media and track data to measure ROI.

hype factory

Hype Factory

HypeFactory makes the right social influencers work for the brand. It enables the companies to pick the best mix of influencers that suits their brand vision and justifies their campaign goals.



This Sway Group Company venture empowers the beauty, lifestyle and fashion brands to connect with the best voices and faces for their marketing campaigns. It facilitates agencies, brand marketers and publishing partner to leverage the power of influencers through targeted campaigns and promotional activities.

hi share that

Hi Share That

This white-glove influencer marketing agency unites progressive brands with thousands of active micro and macro influencers. It facilitates brands to run efficient and high-performance marketing campaigns and get real-time insights and analytics on demand.



This online influencer marketplace helps brands to connect with the global influencer network across Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs. It supports them in running a successful influencer marketing campaign with a better ROI.



Tourn acts as a backbone platform for both brands and influencers on a global scale. It automates the handling between companies and influencers. It allows the agencies and brands to discover and collaborate with new influencers to improve their reach and ROI.

social soup

Social Soup

Social Soup is a growing community that includes influencers of different levels. It helps the brands to find the right influencer to create a buzz and achieve a sales uplift. This platform offers access to exciting tools to target the right influencers, generate genuine recommendations and create repurposable content to scale online campaigns.