Peersway works with Instagrammers to promote different brands. Brands share their creative brief. Instagrammers creatively create content which if liked by brands earns them revenue. It leverages the power of peer recommendation.

join marketing

Join Marketing

Join is the leading influencer marketing platform in Europe with over 18,000 opt-in influencers in our database worldwide. We’ve facilitated over 4,000 collaborations since our start in 2017. Our mission is to professionalize the industry and make it more transparent. We want to facilitate relevant, authentic and above all successful collaborations between advertisers and influencers….



Shadow devises marketing solutions that work for the brands. It anchors its brand messaging with cultural insights for right impact. They are able to create impressive content and creative narratives that help the strategies.



Communigate integrates all kinds of PR strategies to ensure there is brand awareness. It tries to reach the target audience through right media. It focuses on building up influencer relationship and online PR.



AMP3PR is a fashion PR and media agency that provides services related to celebrity and influencer marketing, social media and digital marketing, reputation management, event management and more.



Influentials platform provides an efficient way to bring influencers and brands together. It helps discover new influencers. It improves reach and ROI within a short span of time.



Relatable leverages influencer marketing as a global scalable media channel. It collaborates with influential creators. It helps amplify brand messages with the help of celebrities and brand managers.

brand ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors helps brands find right influencers and ambassadors for the brand. They help the brands collaborate with them. Brands need the reach celebrities, influencers and brand advocates have.



It helps you select social platforms for influencer campaigns, find creators, get the content published, manage payouts and measure provides end-to-end influencer marketing solution.

we are first

We Are First

As an influencer marketing agency, it collaborates creatively with brands and influencers. It leverages its own vetted network of influencers for the campaigns. It seeds the content with its influencers to make it go viral.



Connects leverages the power of influencers to have an impact on consumers. It helps develop a real relationship between brands and influencers to create content that drives successful campaigns.



Voicy is an influencer marketing platform that partnered with an influencer agency Kult & Ace. They provide the strategic input and consultancy. The agency handles the execution.