Anyone Can Write: A Conversation With Lisa Lepki, CMO at ProWritingAid


Lisa Lepki

Lisa Lepki is the Chief Marketing Officer at ProWritingAid, a grammar checker and editor that helps people polish their writing. When she joined the company in 2015, they only had a few thousand users. Lisa is accredited with accelerating the growth of the company. Currently, they engage a community of more than 1.5 million writers. She is determined to empower writers to express their ideas in the cleanest, clearest way possible.
WEBSITE: ProWritingAid


  • Why Practice Is Important to Polish your Writing Skills
  • What You Need to Know As a New Writer


Key Takeaways

[01:20] Lisa’s Growing Up Years

[02:21] What’s It Like to Live In Calgary, Canada?

[05:16] Lisa’s First Job Took Her to the Philippines

[08:04] Lisa’s Path to Writing

[10:57] Anyone Can Write

[12:56] Advice to New Writers

As the Chief Marketing Officer at ProWritingAid, Lisa Lepki has an insider’s view on what it takes to build a platform that helps writers improve their writing. Having been interested in writing since college, she can put herself in the shoes of a writer trying to better their skills as well.

Even though writing was a hobby for her, she never imagined that she would work in the writing field professionally. In this episode, she talks about her professional journey and also shares some nuggets of wisdom to help new writers.

What’s more, she believes that writing is like an art that anyone can polish over time. That’s why she says that anyone can write if they make an effort to practice the art of writing long enough.

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