Best Strategies to Reduce Churn Rate and Increase Retention with Oli Bridge


Oli Bridge

Oli Bridge is the Chief Marketing Officer at Bonjoro, an app that revolutionizes how marketers communicate with their audiences using video. Over the course of his professional journey, Oli has worked in the food and SaaS industries. His specialties include brand building, customer advocacy, and B2B affiliate marketing. In his free time, Oli loves running and currently lives in Bedford, UK.
WEBSITE: Bonjoro


  • How to Reduce Churn Rate
  • How to Increase Customer Retention
  • How to Build Customer Loyalty
  • How to Turn Customers into Superfans

Bonjoro has, over the years, grown by turning their best customers into superfans. And, on this episode of the Marketing Growth Podcast, their CMO, Oli Bridge, tells us more about their retention strategy.

Oli offers tips on how to reduce your churn rate, boost customer retention, and build customer loyalty. He also talks about how Bonjoro has a Chief Delight Officer who focuses on providing great customer experiences.

Tune in to learn more about customer retention and providing better customer experiences.


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