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Digital Storytelling: How Does Erik Qualman Get It Right Every Time?


Erik Qualman

Erik Qualman is Founder and Owner of, credited with artwork for global brands like Disney and IBM. He is the brain behind Socialnomics, a top blog for entrepreneurs and digital leaders. Apart from that, Erik is a 5x best-selling author and visual storyteller. He is a prominent keynote speaker with an audience of 50 million+ from 55+ countries. Originally from Detroit, he is now settled in Texas with his beautiful family.
WEBSITE: Equalman


  • How Erik’s Animation Studio Was Born
  • The Secret Sauce of “The Social Media Revolution”
  • The Recipe to Create Killer Digital Stories
  • Top Brand Storytellers

Key Takeaways

[1:40] Erik on Digital Storytelling

[3:36] Launching an Animation Studio

[4:34] Creating the World’s Most-Downloaded Video

[7:05] Which Contemporary Brands Nail Storytelling?

[12:07] Erik on His Future Projects

[15:56] Erik’s Favorite Speaking Destinations

[17:37] The Superpowers on Erik’s Wish List

[22:12] Contact Information

Erik wears many hats. Author, speaker, animator, storyteller – he is a master of all trades. In this episode, he talks about his super-successful animation gigs and his future projects.

Then, he explains how digital storytelling should pivot around core values. Towards the end of the episode, he shares a great piece of advice for aspiring storytellers.

To find out what it was, tune in to the episode.


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