Is it Worth Investing in PR & Influencer Marketing With Francis Bea


Francis Bea

Francis Bea, Founder, and MD of Eleven International, specializes in Cross-Border Marketing. His agency works with clients in the niches of Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Robotics, and others. He has helped tech companies like Como Wallet and Cast Box transform into globally recognized brands. For work, he spends his time shuttling between New York City, Beijing, and Hong Kong.
WEBSITE: Eleven International


  • Why PR Is Important
  • Is the ROI of Influencer Marketing Worth It?
  • Why Cultural Mindfulness Is Necessary for Businesses

Key Takeaways

[0:32] The Importance of PR in Digital Communication

[4:48] Understanding the ROI of Influencer Marketing

[8:25] The Future of Eleven International

[10:31] The Increasing Need for Cultural Mindfulness

[13:40] Traveling, Preferred Superpower, & More

[17:38] How to Reach Out to Francis

Many new businesses wonder if PR and influencer marketing are worth the time and money. Is it possible to get good returns from these strategies? Francis Bea tries to answer these questions based on his experience with his clients.

At the end of the episode, he also discusses some fun questions related to his travel aspirations, the superpower that he would like to have, and more.

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