Flex Workers and How They Improve Customer Experience with Daniel Rodriguez


Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez is the Chief Marketing Officer at Simplr and he was the VP of Marketing of Seismic. He specializes in B2B enterprise SaaS strategy, demand generation, customer-to-product feedback, digital strategy, PR, analyst relations, and so much more. As Seismic's first marketing hire, Daniel built a team that played a critical role in taking this early-stage company from less than $1M in revenue to $400M in revenue in under 5 years. He’s also got the WSET Level 2 Wine Tasting Certification with Merit.


  • Advantages of Flex Specialists
  • Importance of Empathy in Flex Specialists



  • 00:35 : Flex Specialists of Simplr
  • 5:22 : Empathy Quotient Test
  • 6:53 : Training Regiments at Simplr
  • 9:34 : Benefits of Working with Flexible Specialists
  • 12:44 : Customer Service and Scaling Your Business
  • 15:54 : Daniel and Wine
  • 18:01 : 3 People Daniel Would Have Dinner With

Daniel Rodriguez is the Chief Marketing Officer at Simplr and he was the VP of Marketing of Seismic. He specializes in B2B enterprise SaaS go-to-market strategy, customer-to-product feedback, demand generation, PR, analyst relations, digital strategy, and so much more.

In this episode, he talks about the importance of working with flex specialists who help Simplr deliver its services at scale. He also explains the process that they’ve put into place to select their specialists.

Towards the end of the conversation, he shares his love for wine too.

Listen to the episode for more details!


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