Useful Tips for Floral Ecommerce Businesses from Murali Nethi, Founder of SnapBlooms


Murali Nethi

Murali Nethi is the Founder and CEO of Hana Software and SnapBlooms, which is a flower delivery marketplace, and one of the top ecommerce and digital marketing solutions in the floral industry. With 24+ years of experience in enterprise architecture and IT, he created this digital florist marketplace to help florists directly sell to their customers. The platform disrupted the $5 billion retail floral industry by eliminating order gatherers and middlemen.
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On this episode, Murali Nethi, the Founder and CEO of SnapBlooms, talks about his early years, moving to the United States, and his journey to taking over the floral industry with a powerful SaaS product.

Murali Nethi has created Hana Florist POS, a software solution that can help you run and scale a retail flower shop of any size. If you run a floral business and want to take advantage of the ecommerce ecosystem, then this podcast episode is for you.

Listen to the industry expert as he shares useful insights about:

  • What Hana Florist POS is and how he came up with the idea to create this technology.
  • How this technology can eliminate middlemen from the floral industry and open more opportunities for local florists.
  • Why florists and flower shops need to get online and accept orders through phones. How ecommerce can help you increase your profit margins.
  • How to launch an ecommerce website and the things you need to run and manage it effectively.

Tune in to learn more about Murali’s Hana Software, a comprehensive solution for florists to get online and boost their ecommerce sales in no time.


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