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What’s The Impact of Automation on Outsourcing? Derek Gallimore, Founder of Outsource Accelerator, Explains in Detail


Derek Gallimore

Derek Gallimore is the CEO and Founder of Outsource Accelerator, a leading marketplace and advisory for offshore staffing. His company specifically connects high-caliber labor in the Philippines with other countries. They specialize in brokerage, implementation, and co-management services. With a consolidated business experience of over 25 years, Derek is a formidable force in the outsourcing industry. He is passionate about depicting the power and utility of outsourcing to the rest of the world, and facilitating the transition from local to offshore. To educate entrepreneurs about the pros of outsourcing, Derek’s company website houses 4000+ articles, 250+ podcasts, and 700+ BPOs A fitness enthusiast, Derek has been a national bodybuilding champion. He’s an avid traveler who’s lived in five countries and traveled a dozen more. Currently, he stays in Manila, the world’s outsourcing capital.
WEBSITE: Outsource Accelerator


It's only 4% of businesses that make it to a million dollars. It's only 4% of those that make it to $10 million.

AI in about 50 years, it's going to change everything.

Software has played an intricate role in creating better business processes and helping business owners make better decisions and be able to do bigger and better things.

On this episode, Derek explains that with high-caliber people – people who know how to use automation tools, they can all work toward building a better business.


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