Understanding the Difference Between Mindfulness and Being Intentional With Daniel Mangena


Daniel Mangena

Daniel Mangena is a transformational life coach, author, and public speaker who helps people from all walks of life lead purposeful lives. He has designed a unique four-phased approach to empower practitioners to break through mental, emotional, and energetic stuck states. He is the host of the “Do It With Dan” podcast series and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal: Masters of Success, Forbes, Market Watch, and many other prominent publications.
WEBSITE: Dream With Dan



Did you know that there is a difference between mindfulness and being intentional?

On today’s episode, Daniel Mangena tells us about the major differences between the two and how to harness their power.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to make more mindful choices.
  • How mindfulness can impact your success in life.
  • How to deploy your energy to tasks that matter.

On this episode, Daniel also talks about wanting to travel to Antarctica and other fun stuff.

Tune in now!


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