PR, Modern Communication, & Millennials: A Conversation With Deirdre Breakenridge


Deirdre Breakenridge

Deirdre Breakenridge is the CEO and owner of Pure Performance Communications. She also serves as the CEO of PRStudChat, which is a community on Twitter for PR students, PR pros, and educators. She has written over 10 books covering different themes like public relations, social media, and modern communication. A PR and marketing veteran, she comes with a rich experience of over 30 years in the industry.
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  • Why It’s Important to Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  • About Deirdre’s Passion Project
  • How Modern Communication Is Evolving
  • Why EQ Is Important to Win Over Millennials

In this episode, Deirdre Breakenridge talks about her passion project that explores the evolution of modern communication in relation to millennials. She notes that there is a growing distrust for brand communication in general.

In such an environment, she believes, the only way to win over your audience is via tapping into your EQ. She also stresses upon the need for marketers to step out of their comfort zones if they want to succeed.

Listen to the entire conversation now.

Key Takeaways

[00:18] Deirdre’s Consulting Business And Content

[04:15] Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

[07:15] Deirdre’s Facebook Live for NASDAQ

[11:01] Millennials, Social Media, & Modern Communication

[15:16] Millennials, Trust, And EQ


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