The Truth About Blogging With Rachel Thompson (Founder of BadRedhead Media)


Rachel Thompson

Rachel Thompson is the Founder of BadRedhead Media, a company that helps authors create effective social media and book marketing campaigns. She is a book marketing and author branding strategist, and a sexual abuse survivor advocate. Currently, she is also the Senior Director of Social Media Services for AuthorBytes. Some of her books include Broken Places, Broken Pieces, A Walk In The Snark, and Mancode: Exposed. She has also authored business books, including the BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge, and has articles published by major publications like HuffPost.
WEBSITE: BadRedhead Media


  • How to Strike a Chord With Your Audience With Blogging
  • Promotion vs. Listening
  • How to Market Your Book on Social Media


  • 01:06 : Rachel Thompson’s Life Story
  • 02:48 : Interesting Facts about Her Family
  • 07:01 : Rachel’s First Job after College
  • 12:35 : Rachel’s Journey into Blogging
  • 15:10 : The Importance of Building Relationships
  • 16:02 : Book Marketing Isn’t Just About Self-Promotion

In this podcast episode, Rachel Thompson talks about her family background, professional journey, book marketing, and more.

She was always interested in writing but her journey into blogging was something she had planned out. From being a blogger to an entrepreneur, she has come a long way.

During the course of the conversation, she shares her learnings about sales, marketing, social media, and building relationships.

Instead of self-promotion, she believes, intently listening and engaging the audience is a better way to strike a chord with your audience.

For more tips, tune in to the episode now!


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