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Understanding Cross-Border Marketing With Francis Bea, MD of Eleven International


Francis Bea

Francis Bea, Founder, and MD of Eleven International, specializes in Cross-Border Marketing. His agency works with clients in the niches of Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Robotics, and others. He has helped tech companies like Como Wallet and Cast Box transform into globally recognized brands. For work, he spends his time shuttling between New York City, Beijing, and Hong Kong.
WEBSITE: Eleven International


  • What Is Cross-Border Marketing?
  • How Can Cultural Nuances Impact Marketing?
  • How is Cross-Border Marketing Different?
  • What Mistakes Do Marketers Commonly Make With Cross-Border Marketing?

Francis Bea is the Founder and Managing Director of Eleven International, a PR and communications agency that specializes in cross-border marketing.

In this episode, he talks about how different the USA and China are in terms of brand messaging. He also discusses how cultural nuances play a major role in deciding which marketing strategy you should pick for a particular market.

Listen till the end to learn how to avoid common mistakes while marketing your product in a different country.


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