You must have heard that using behavioral data is very important for business owners and marketers. But do you really understand what it is, why it matters, and how to use it for your business growth?

On this episode, Simon Yencken will answer those questions for you. He’ll talk about:

  • The power of user data and how it can help you make more money.
  • Tips for business owners who want to leverage behavioral data.
  • How Fanplayr can make it easier for you.

Along with sharing his insights about these topics, Simon also shares fun stuff like the places he wants to visit and the one superpower he would like to get.

Tune in to listen to him talk about it all!

Shane Barker

Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, product launches, sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.