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Key Takeaways

[00:59] Marcus’ Swimming Pool Business

[4:29] Why Brands Lose Their Audiences

[7:15] Biased Messaging From Companies

[11:40] Most Important Section of a Website

[14:26] Why Companies Don’t Mention Who They’re Not a Good Fit For

[18:18] How Did Marcus Come Up With These Strategies?

Join Shane Barker and Marcus Sheridan as they take you on the journey to understand your audience and create stellar content. Marcus talks about the importance of changing your marketing method to attract the right customers. He explains why you need to let your customers know why you’re not the right fit for them too.

Bonus: Check out how I’ve used content marketing to grow my blog.

Marcus Sheridan talks about how he started his pool business. He then delves into the reasons why brands tend to lose their audiences.

Additionally, he explains the importance of being transparent with your audience and talks about the need to clearly state who’s not a part of your target market. He also addresses the fears that companies might face when they’re faced with the dilemma of reducing their potential target audience size.

Marcus also talks about his innovative new approach to create the highest converting page for any brand.

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