Get Your Thorough Guide to a Successful Product Launch with Detailed Strategies

  • A complete guide to help you nail your product launch with influencer marketing. It details the steps you should follow including evaluating your product, audience and competitive analysis, and developing a marketing strategy.
  • Learn about product delivery, the right channels for promotion, and how to leverage influencers for your launch.
  • Get a comprehensive guide on the tools and tactics you can use to ensure your next product launch is a success.


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“I have worked with Shane for the last 10 years and he has been essential in helping my clients (professional athletes) with sponsorship deals through influencer marketing and event planning.”

Adrian Ross
Retired NFL Players & Player Development, Signature Sports Reps

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“First and foremost Shane is a great human being. Shane has provided our organization with product launch insight through different marketing tactics, namely influencer marketing for my startup and corporate clients.”

Gina Lujan
Founder at