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Why Should You Invest in a Social Media Advertising Agency?

There are over 3.8 billion social media users globally, representing more than half of the world’s population. This is a huge opportunity for marketers to reach consumers where they are most active and engaged.

But, you need to invest years of effort to reach your target segments on social media organically. This is where social media advertising can help you.

Social media advertising campaigns are highly targeted and sophisticated. It is, therefore, a smart move to hire a professional agency to handle these for you.

Here’s what our social media advertising agency can do for you:

  • Reach specific target customer segments
  • Run cross-platform, cost-efficient ad campaigns
  • Create ad copy that works for your target audience
  • Get a high ROI from your social media ad campaigns

Our team of social media advertising experts is led by Shane Barker who is a social media marketing consultant with 25+ years of experience. We can help you design sophisticated ad funnels, reach specific audiences, and get the most bang for your buck.

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Hire a Social Media Advertising Agency Known to Deliver Results

If done right, paid social is one of the best ways to reach specific audiences online. An experienced social media advertising agency like ours can make this process more efficient and effective.

Our agency has years of experience working with a variety of clients and the required expertise to ensure that your social media ad campaigns are a success.

Our company’s end-to-end social media advertising services include:

  • Audience research to understand whom you should target, how to best reach them, and what type of content they will like

  • Competitor research to see what your competitors are doing right and what you can do better than them

  • Strategy and campaign design including ad groups, number of ads, type of ad copy to be used, choice of platforms, etc

  • Ad copy and image creation to create compelling ads for your campaign and get more clicks from your target audience

  • A/B testing to test the various elements of ad copy like title, image, CTA design and placement, etc. to see what works best for your target audience

  • End-to-end campaign management on your behalf to run smooth and successful ad campaigns that deliver the desired results

  • Performance tracking and reporting to assess if your campaign was able to meet the set goals and to reevaluate future strategy

Our social media advertising company can create and run highly sophisticated ad campaigns to achieve different goals. We specialize in ad funnels and audience targeting.

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Why is Our Agency Better than Others?

The short answer is that unmatched expertise, decades of experience, and a commitment to deliver tangible results make us the very best at what we do.

When you hire our social media advertising agency you will get:

  • Complete transparency on how we spend your money

  • A low-risk contract, due to our proven track record

  • The best team of copywriters and designers to create your ad content

  • A dedicated social media account manager to handle your ad campaigns

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Our company is trusted by brands and marketers worldwide to deliver on our promises. We offer end-to-end social media advertising services, unmatched by anyone else.

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How Do We Work?

We are proud to say that when you work with our company, you will feel like we are a part of your team.

We like to work closely with our clients and are very thorough in understanding their requirements. We use a customized approach for each client and formulate a social media strategy based on their specific needs.

Our process, however, remains similar. When you hire our social media advertising agency, here’s what will happen next:

  • Introductory Call/Requirement Gathering

  • Audience and Competitor Research

  • Customized Social Media Advertising Strategy Creation

  • Finalizing SoW (Statement of Work)

  • Strategy Implementation

  • A/B Testing and Campaign Improvement

  • Campaign Management and KPI Tracking

  • Performance Measurement and Reporting

We create customized and targeted ad campaigns that fit your budget and meet your specific campaign goals. You tell us what you want and we will deliver.

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  • Q. How much experience does your social media advertising agency have?

    A. Our agency is spearheaded by Shane Barker, who has 25+ years of industry experience. We have worked with a wide variety of clients from different industries and geographies.

  • Q. Why should I invest in a social media advertising agency?

    A. If not done right, social media advertising campaigns can easily turn into money-draining investments. Unless you have decades of experience running ad campaigns, it’s better to seek professional help from a renowned agency.

  • Q. What type of results can I expect if I hire your social media advertising company?

    A. The two most important KPIs for our clients are traffic and conversions. We can help you increase both. The level of increase will depend on the campaign budget, duration, and audience.

    At the start of our collaboration, we will help you define and set SMART goals that can be realistically achieved. We will also provide detailed reports on how the campaign performed on the set goals.

  • Q. Can you also provide social media advertising services for platforms other than the ones mentioned above?

    A. Yes, the ones mentioned above are just some of the biggest social media platforms that marketers usually advertise on. We have the required skills to manage advertising campaigns for any platform of your choice.

  • Q. Will I have to provide content for ads?

    A. No, we will take care of the ad creation process, including all content and design elements. We will, of course, do that after consulting with you and incorporate anything that you specifically want.

    If you want us to add something specific, then that can be done as well.

  • Q. Who will work on my account if I hire your company?

    A. We will assign a dedicated account manager to hand your social media advertising campaigns. Shane will work with you to assess requirements and design a customized strategy, while the account manager will handle the execution part.

    If you only want to work with Shane in an advisory capacity while you take charge, then you can hire him as a social media advertising consultant.

  • Q. Have any other questions?

    A. Please feel free to ask.

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