One of the most established names in the social media business, Shane Barker has worked with countless celebrities and clients to build their media profile, as well as improve their brand. He is a leading start-up consultant that has worked tirelessly to help his clients’ ideas come to life and support their navigation through the maze of media opportunities. Shane possesses all of the necessary skills and experience to create solid partnerships and source funding to enhance your business’ prospects.

However, there is no need to just take our word for it. As a testament to his expertise, reliability, and dedication to his clients, he has received numerous superior client testimonials. You are encouraged to read more about the testimonials below and how Shane Barker has helped transform businesses in the past. Then, please feel free to contact him today for more information about how he can be of service to your business too. Schedule your 30-minute free consultation today to work with Shane Barker one-on-one and create a solid social media plan that will help your business hit the ground running!

I met Shane as he was the keynote speaker for one of the Influencer Marketing Conferences and I told him of our goal to be the #1 Platform for the Influencer Community. Since we saw Shane everywhere online for anything related to Influencer Marketing, we knew he would be a great fit. In under 6 months, we became #1 for some of the most difficult influencer keywords and our traffic has skyrocketed. His team is amazing at what they do!
Niel Robertson

Shane has helped mentor me for my passion project, Zenaviv. Zenaviv's goal was to provide income to every artist with Autism and Shane’s team provided excellent quality content for our website so we could be on the #1 spot on Google. His willingness to help us has been instrumental in our success and we wouldn’t want to do it without him. Thanks again Shane.
Harish Bikmal

I met Shane when I interviewed him for our Magnificent Marketing Podcast and I knew that we work together on some level. In the last 2 years we have managed to meet once a week to help each other grow our businesses. He is a great person and someone that is very passionate about growth and driving leads and conversions. He is the real deal!
David Reimherr

I’ve known for over 6 years and we were fortunate to connect in our hometown of Sacramento, CA. Since that time Shane has helped us become one of the #1 Influencer Marketing Softwares for Ecommerce Sales. We have been mentioned on 100’s sites and our traffic and revenue has tripled! We are very thankful to be working with Shane and his talented team!
Brandon Brown

Shane and his team have helped me take my blog to the next level. I was plateauing for a number of months so I reached out to Shane and he put together a custom plan on how to drive the right type of traffic to my blog. My traffic has doubled and so has my revenue. Shane is the man!
Adam Enfroy
Founder –

If you want to grow your brand and get online exposure, it is extremely important to create epic content and distribute it effectively. This is where Shane's and his team of writers excel! Thanks for your help with BigCommerce and Eterneva!
Tracey Wallace

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