10 of the Best QR Code Generators to Expand Your Marketing in 2024


Shopify’s Free QR Code Generator


With the simplest design and ease of use, Shopify’s Free QR Code Generator helps you create basic static QR codes and dynamic QR codes for your business.

Canva’s Free QR Code Generator


With Canva’s extensive range of design tools and templates, using their QR code generator provides endless design possibilities for your QR codes.

QR Code Generator


With dynamic QR code support and one of the largest selections of data types and customization options, QR Code Generator oozes ingenuity.

QRCode Monkey


If you’re working with tight pockets don’t fear, QRCode Monkey offers a decent selection of QR code format types along with a few customization options for free.

For an in-depth guide on the 10 best QR generators, click on the link below!