Starting a 7-Figure Business From Scratch: Daisy Jing, Founder of Banish Shares Her Story


Daisy Jing

Daisy Jing is the Founder and CEO of Banish, an ecommerce brand that offers all-natural organic skincare products. She started her journey as a YouTuber, documenting her struggle with acne. And gradually launched and grew her own skincare brand, Banish, and grew it into a multi-million dollar company. Daisy has also been a TEDx speaker and an Inc. 500 entrepreneur.
WEBSITE: Banish [Skincare Company]



Becoming an entrepreneur without a mentor isn’t easy, right?

However, our guest for this episode, Daisy Jing, not only started but also grew her company into a 7-figure business.

Want to be able to build a multi-million dollar business too?

Listen to Daisy, the Founder and CEO of Banish, an all-natural organic skincare products ecommerce brand, as she joins Shane to share her story. She talks about how her journey as a YouTuber led her to become a business owner.

You’ll get insights about:

  • Making money with a YouTube channel
  • The challenges of starting a business – from registration to taxation, hiring, payroll, and more
  • Using social media and influencers as your biggest marketing assets
  • Evolving with the change in market trends and consumer needs
  • Choosing the right products to sell

And the best part?

Daisy has also got some great advice for those who want to start an ecommerce business.

Tune in to find out her trade secrets!


Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, product launches, sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.


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