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10 02, 2020

SEO Trends That Will Dominate 2020: 52 Experts Reveal Their Secrets

By |02/10/2020|SEO|0 Comments

Experts believe 2020 will be a crucial year for SEO trends. In 2019, search intent dominated the headlines. Voice search, augmented reality, and virtual reality also became hot topics of discussion. A lot of exciting things are happening in SEO, and this is only the beginning of change. If you want to get ahead in the game, you need to keep up with the latest SEO trends. Here is a quick update on what’s been brewing. Latest Google Algorithm Change: [...]

13 12, 2019

39 of the Best Keyword Suggestion Tools to Increase Your Rankings in 2020 (Updated December 2019)

By |12/13/2019|SEO|4 Comments

Keyword research is at the core of any SEO, PPC, or any content marketing related campaign. If you do not bid or use the correct keyword suggestion tools, you do not serve the right audience with the right content at the right stage in the buyer’s journey. This means less traffic, less customers, and less revenue. So, it’s clear that you need to invest some time and money into finding the right keyword research tool. It’s a great way to [...]

8 12, 2019

30 of the Best Web Analytics Tools to Optimize Your Results (Updated December 2019)

By |12/08/2019|SEO|0 Comments

Did you know that, at its core, effective brand marketing is all about analytics? Regardless of the strategies and platforms that you choose, it is essential for marketers to discover what works, what doesn’t, and what has a scope of improvement. Using analytics is the best way to learn how to maximize results. Which is why about 52% of companies adopted this strategy by 2017. With your website being the center of all of your marketing efforts, analyzing its overall [...]

24 10, 2019

A Comprehensive Guide to Negative Keywords: Everything You Need to Know (Updated October 2019)

By |10/24/2019|SEO|2 Comments

We’ve all heard about keywords and their importance in SEO. However, negative keywords are equally important, especially when you’re launching with a PPC campaign. Whenever you’re starting your own Google Ads campaign or are looking for adwords, you need to target keywords. You select keywords so that you can get more clicks and conversions from your ads. However, one aspect that many businesses fail to consider is negative keywords. Using them allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. [...]

22 10, 2019

How to Design Your SEO Campaign to Achieve Top Rankings (Updated October 2019)

By |10/22/2019|SEO|0 Comments

The number one search result on the first page of Google gets a CTR of more than 30%. This is substantially higher than the other results on the same page. The best way to get on top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is to design a solid SEO campaign. Image via Advanced Web Ranking SEO refers to techniques that focus on bringing organic traffic from the search engines to your website. With SEO, your brand can boost your [...]

21 10, 2019

52 of the Best SEO Audit Tools to Improve Your Search Rankings (Updated October 2019)

By |10/21/2019|SEO|2 Comments

Fast-paced growth in the digital world puts a lot of pressure on business owners and marketers. You need to regularly audit a website for discrepancies and optimize it to improve search rankings. Frequent search algorithm changes and new SEO strategies make search engine optimization a continually moving target. One that can be difficult to hit. Luckily, there are many technical SEO audit tools that can save you valuable time and money. Excited to learn more? Read on to find out. [...]

15 10, 2019

15 Best Rank Tracker Tools to Check Your Search Engine Rankings

By |10/15/2019|SEO|0 Comments

You might be creating stellar content and doing your keyword research right. However, you won’t know if any of that is working in your favor until you track your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). By tracking your rankings, you can also find opportunities to improve your SEO. However, it’s nearly impossible to track the rankings of your pages manually. That is why you need to use rank tracker tools to check the rankings of your webpages. To [...]

4 10, 2019

17 Amazing SEO Techniques to Boost Your WebSite’s Rankings in 2019 (Updated October 2019)

By |10/04/2019|SEO|0 Comments

There are approximately 5-6 billion Google searches that happen on a daily basis. On a yearly basis, Google accounts for 79% of global search traffic, Bing – 7.27%, Baidu – 6.55%, and Yahoo – 5.06%. With such competition on Google, you need to use the best SEO techniques to rank higher. Clearly, then, that’s a lot of search traffic, especially on Google. Given the sheer amount of search traffic Google handles, it’s advisable that you concentrate your efforts on optimizing [...]

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