Fast paced growth in the digital world puts a lot of pressure on business owners and marketers. You need to regularly audit a website for discrepancies and optimize it to improve search rankings.

Frequent search algorithm changes and new SEO strategies make search engine optimization a continually moving target. One that can be difficult to hit. Luckily, there are many SEO audit tools that can save you valuable time and money.

Let’s take a look at the best SEO audit tools that can make your life easier.

Top 52 SEO audit tools list:

#1. Ahrefs

When it comes to growing your web traffic and analyzing your competition, Ahrefs is the best SEO audit tool available. It can help you with competitive analysis, keyword search, backlink research, and more.

Ahrefs - Best Seo Audit Tool

#2. Alexa SEO Audit Tool

Alexa’s SEO Audit tool will help you find problems on your site. It also gives you tips to solve them and helps you track progress. It provides timely audit reports that clearly shows your SEO status.

Alexa SEO Audit Tool

#3. Bing Webmaster Tools

This is the best SEO audit tool for Bing. It has an assortment of reporting and diagnostic tools to drive traffic to your site. The detailed audit reports from Bing Webmaster Tools will help you to optimize your site for Bing.

Bing Webmaster Tools - Best Seo Audit Tool

#4. BuiltWith

If you have an ecommerce business, BuiltWith is the best SEO audit tool to keep a tab on your competitors. It provides lists of information on ecommerce sites around the world their tech spends. And it has a tool that allows you to generate a list of sites for a particular keyword.

BuiltWith - Best Seo Audit Tool

#5. Check My Links

This Google Chrome extension is a handy SEO audit tool to check for broken links. Check My Links quickly crawls through your website and tells you which links are working and which are broken. Then you can immediately take action and make your pages SEO friendly.

Check My Links - Best Seo Audit Tool

#6. ContentLook

ContentLook has an SEO audit tool for websites that run on WordPress. The tool gives various tips to resolves issues on the site. It provides weekly SEO audit reports.

ContentLook - Best Seo Audit Tool

#7. Dareboost

This is the best SEO audit tool for checking the speed of your website. It helps you optimize pages and boost the speed of your site. Dareboost constantly monitors your site for performance and provides numerous optimization tips.

Dareboost - Best Seo Audit Tool

#8. DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl offers services to help you audit your site or recover from a penalization. It also helps you understand your site architecture and helps you launch an international site.

DeepCrawl - Best Seo Audit Tool

#9. FOUND SEO Audit Tool

This free tool is the best SEO audit tool to solve common SEO issues. FOUND helps audit the site and identify problems related to meta data, content, link building, canonicalization, and more.

Found - seo audit tool

#10. Google Analytics

By far, Google Analytics is the best SEO audit tool available for free. It provides insights into your page views, demographics of your website visitors, and much more.

The graphical representation of data helps you organize your site to improve SEO. When used intelligently, the tool provides best ROI.

Google Analytics - seo audit tool

#11. Google Lighthouse

Lighthouse was developed by Google as an open source tool for web page optimization. This automated SEO tool provides performance audit reports and tips to fix issues.

Google Lighthouse - Best Seo Audit Tool

#12. Google PageSpeed Insights

This is another of Google’s web tools developed for faster performance of web pages on various devices. It is one of the best SEO audit tools to test page load speeds.

It categorizes page load speeds as fast, slow, and average. The tool gives you suggestions by analyzing the content of each page.

Google PageSpeed Insights - Best Seo Audit Tool

#13. Google Webmaster Tools

With its array of functionalities, Google webmaster Tools is the best SEO audit tool for small businesses. It enables you to check the pattern of clicks on your site.

And it allows you to check whether the content on your site is Google-friendly or not. It also sends you alerts when you need to solve errors on your site.

Google Webmaster Tools - Best Seo Audit Tool

#14. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

This SEO audit tool helps you to test your structured markup and optimize it accordingly. Correct structured data improves Google’s ability to fetch your page quickly. With this tool, you can generate the markup code and validate it on your page.

Structured Data Testing Tool - Best Seo Audit Tools

#15. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is another tool available for measuring page load speed. It analyzes the loading performances from different devices and from different regions.

GTmetrix - Best Seo Audit Tool

#16. Kerboo

Kerboo is the best SEO audit tool you can find for improving your links. It gives scores and ratings to your links and provides actionable suggestions through its link audits.

Kerboi - Best Seo Audit Tool

#17. Keylogs

Keylogs is a versatile tool which enables you to analyze Google’s Search Console data. Through the analysis you, can get great insights to optimize your sight and increase rankings and that’s why this tool also considered as one of the best seo audit tool.

Keylogs - Best Seo Audit Tool

#18. Lipperhey

Lipperhey is one of the best SEO audit tools available for free. It office a complete SEO optimization package for free. Some of the SEO services it provides are analytics, keyword suggestions, and a backlink checker.

Lipperhey - Best Seo Audit Tool

#19. Majestic

Being the largest link index database in the world, Majestic is the best SEO audit tool for index search. It offers a marketing search engine tool. The tool enables search specialists to search URLs, find potential clients, check backlinks, audit services, and much more.

Majestic - Best Seo Audit Tool

#20. Mobile-Friendly Test

In this era of mobile internet, making your pages mobile-friendly is absolutely necessary. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool is one SEO audit tool that comes in handy for SEO specialists.

Mobile-Friendly Test - Best Seo Audit Tool

#21. Moz

Moz is one of the best SEO audit tools, and is preferred by many search specialists. With its numerous service offerings, all of the needs of an SEO specialist are fulfilled.

Moz - Best Seo Audit Tool

#22. MySiteAuditor

The MySiteAuditor SEO audit tool can be embedded into your site. You can check your SEO score, get your site audited, and more in real time.

MySiteAuditor - Best Seo Audit Tool

#23. Netpeak Spider

Netspeak Spider is one of the best SEO audit tools in the market. Their pro version will audit your entire website for all SEO issues. It checks for broken links, duplicity in content, and allows you to set your own crawling rules.

Netpeak Spider - Best Seo Audit Tool

#24. Nibbler

Just type in your URL into Nibbler and get a report about your site. Nibbler also provides a sales tool called Silktide Prospect for digital marketing service providers.

Nibbler - Best Seo Audit Tool

#25. OnCrawl

OnCrawl offers a variety of SEO auditing services and helps with daily monitoring.

OnCrawl - Best Seo Audit Tool

#26. Panguin Tool

The Panguin Tool offered by Barracuda is a unique tool. It helps you audit whether or not your site is impacted by Google’s algorithm updates. And it suggests changes if impacted by the updates. This is the best SEO audit tool for avoiding penalties.

Panguin Tool - Best Seo Audit Tool

#27. Pingdom DNS Check

Having a properly set domain name is of vital importance for a site. Pingdom Tools provides a tool called DNS Check to help you check whether your domain name is set up properly. The tool conducts various tests and determines which DNS server is used for the domain.

DNS Check Pingdom - Best Seo Audit Tool

#28. Raventools

Raventools is one of the best SEO audit tools that provides automated audit reports. It specializes in providing audit reports on Google AdWords, Bing ads, and Facebook ads. It creates whitelabel reports using this data.

Raventools - Best Seo Audit Tool

#29. Remove’em

Bad links on your site can get you penalized. Remove’em is best SEO audit tool for removing bad links that could damage your site. This tool helps you monitor backlinks, take control of them, and reclaim lost ground to Penguin penalties.

Remove’em - Best Seo Audit Tool

#30. ReportGarden

ReportGarden is specifically for SEO specialist agencies that want to monitor multiple clients’ websites. It provides a thorough analysis of web pages.

ReportGarden - Best Seo Audit Tool

#31. Ryte

Ryte provides a plethora of tools for website monitoring. It has one of the best SEO audit tools, called Content Success for managing content.

Ryte - Best Seo Audit Tool

#32. Screaming frog

One of the best feature-rich SEO auditing tools is Screaming Frog. It provides SEO specialists with real-time data.

Screaming Frog - Best Seo Audit Tool

#33. SE Ranking

Imagine your key SEO reports being lost to a virus attack or hardware malfunction. It would cost you time and money. SE Ranking can help you avoid that hassle and unnecessary expense by providing cloud based SEO audit reporting.

SE Ranking - Best Seo Audit Tool

#34. SEMrush

Competition in the online world is cut throat. Knowing your competitors moves will be an advantage. This is where SEMrush helps you. By enabling you to know what keywords your competitors are using, this SEO audit tool gives you a competitive advantage.

SEMrush - Best Seo Audit Tool

#35. SEO Workers

SEO Workers help you look into the issues of HTML markup codes. It also provides other common SEO analysis services.

SEO Workers - - Best Seo Audit Tools

#36. SEO SiteCheckup

This tool provides comprehensive solutions for your SEO problems. Real-time reports, instant analyzing of issues, whitelabel reports, and more are all available in SEO SiteCheckup‘s tool box.

SEO SiteCheckup - Best Seo Audit Tool

#37. SEOptimer

SEOptimer is one of the best SEO audit tools available at an affordable price. This tool is available in various international languages too. SEOptimer also provides a number of free tools along with their SEO audit tool.

SEOptimer - Best Seo Audit Tools

#38. Serpstat

Serpstat is the best SEO audit tool for search specialists. It has rich features that help SEO specialists, digital marketers, and agencies. It provides services like comprehensive keyword research, content ideation services, ad monitoring, and more.

Serpstat - Best Seo Audit Tools

#39. Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer provides an easy to access SEO toolkit. It enables you to compare your site with your rivals’. The suite of tools offered by Site Analyzer makes it the best SEO audit tool provider in the market.

Site Analyzer - Best Seo Audit Tools

#40. Sitebulb

The Sitebulb tool is an SEO crawler that provide context-specific tips for SEO problems in real-time. Its highly visualized audit reports makes it easy to understand the various data points.

Sitebulb - Best Seo Audit Tools

#41. SpyFu

SpyFu is the best SEO audit tool to learn about your competitors. By using SpyFu, you can learn what profitable keywords your competitors are using. SpyFu also provides a monthly domain overview of your rivals.

SpyFu - Best Seo Audit Tools

#42. SpySerp

This SEO audit tool gives you the most accurate ranking date. SpySerp also has a bunch of tools to manage your SEO requirements.

SpySerp - Best Seo Audit Tools

#43. Squirrly

The Squirrly SEO audit tool increases the performance of your site and generates traffic. It provides weekly site performance reports. It helps you audit blogs, traffic, SEO, backlinks, social media, and domain authority. It is one of the best SEO audit tools available at an affordable cost.

Squirrly - Best Seo Audit Tools

#44. The HOTH

The HOTH provides SEO auditing and gives a score to your site. This web-based free SEO analyzer is a great tool for small sites.

thehoth - Best Seo Audit Tools

#45. UpCity

UpCity is another one of the best SEO audit tool that provides you with deeply analyzed SEO report cards.

UpCity - Best Seo Audit Tools

#46. Varvy

This SEO tool measures how your web pages follow Google guidelines. Varvy checks for accessibility, page speed, security, and more in its audits. It also gives you insights into various other SEO requirements for your site and that’s why this tool also considered as one of the best seo audit tool.

Varvy - Best Seo Audit Tools

#47. WebCEO

WebCEO is the best SEO audit tool for technical audits sites. It provides an SEO road map for your site. Also, you can opt for automated checks of your site.

WebCEO - Best Seo Audit Tools

#48. WebPagetest

This is a simple free audit tool for your site. WebPagetest is the best SEO audit tool to run on-site optimization checks. It can do speed checks from multiple locations.

WebPagetest - Best Seo Audit Tools

#49. Website Grader

The Website Grader online SEO tool analyzes your site on several metrics. It checks your site for mobile readiness, SEO friendliness, and security. And it gives you timely reports so that you can make necessary changes and that’s why this tool also considered as one of the best seo audit tool.

Website Grader - Best Seo Audit Tools

#50. WooRank

WooRank is one more example of a SEO audit service provider. It gives in-depth reviews, competitive analysis, marketing checklists, and more.

WooRank - Best Seo Audit Tools

#51. Wpromote

The Wpromote audit tool brings you the benefit of fast analysis and reports in great detail.

Wpromote - Best Seo Audit Tools

#52. Zadroweb

This auditor tool looks into many technical aspects of your site. Zadroweb looks for sitemaps, robot texts, and more that boost your on-site SEO.

zadroweb - Best Seo Audit Tools

Do you know of any other SEO tools that you think should be added to this list of the best SEO audit tools? Please share them in the comments section below.

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