• Best Influencer Marketing Tools of 42 Industry Experts - Shane barker Expert Roundup
23 05, 2017

The Best Influencer Marketing Tools of 42 Industry Experts

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Are you ready to improve your influencer marketing campaigns with the best influencer marketing tools? Maybe you need help finding and connecting with relevant influencers. Or you want to organize your campaigns better, and automate your influencer outreach efforts. Or perhaps you’re looking for a more effective way to communicate and build relationships with influencers. Whatever it is you need to take your influencer marketing to the next level, this post will help you find it. We’ve collaborated with some [...]

  • 6 of the Best Email Marketing Tools for Ecommerce Businesses
16 05, 2017

6 of the Best Email Marketing Tools for Ecommerce Businesses

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Can you remember a time before email marketing? Businesses have been using email to acquire new customers, nurture leads, promote new products, and drive conversions for decades. And email continues to be one of the most effective marketing channels, especially when you use the best email marketing tools. Campaign Monitor found that marketers can make $44 for every dollar they spend in email marketing. It’s important to remember that you may not always enjoy the same level of effectiveness for your own campaign. [...]

  • improve ecommerce conversions on mobile
9 05, 2017

3 Of the Most Kickass Ways to Improve Ecommerce Conversions on Mobile

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Your ecommerce business is booming. You’re driving a lot of traffic and a significant percentage of that traffic is converting. There’s only one problem – you’re not driving enough conversions through mobile. And as a retailer that wants to reach the top, this is a big issue for you. You want to make some changes so you can improve ecommerce conversions on mobile. And this post is going to help you with that. Why You Need to Improve Ecommerce Conversions on Mobile Before [...]

  • Increase Ecommerce Sales
2 05, 2017

5 of the Most Effective Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales

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Now that you’ve set up your ecommerce store, the sales will just start pouring in, right? Wrong. Just having a store isn’t enough to drive sales. You need to make an effort to encourage people to buy from you to increase ecommerce sales. That's where it gets tricky, and where many ecommerce marketers get stuck. Luckily for you, here are five of the most effective ways you can increase ecommerce sales: #1: Be Transparent About Shipping Costs What’s the one thing that [...]

  • Increase Conversion Rate - 3 Components of Sales Funnels that You Need to Remember
25 04, 2017

3 Key Components of Sales Funnels That You Need to Remember

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You’ve made several attempts to increase conversions and somehow, you’re not getting the desired results. Maybe you think you’ve tried everything possible to drive conversions on your site. But have you tried reassessing your sales funnel? There may be some stages that aren’t necessary, or some components that you’re missing out on. In this post, you’re going to learn about the three key components of a sales funnel to increase conversion rate. Sales Funnels: How They Increase Conversion Rate A sales [...]

  • The State of Referral Marketing in 2017
20 04, 2017

The State of Referral Marketing in 2017 [Infographic]

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Referral marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire new customers for your business. According to research by Influitive, of companies with a referral program in place: 69% said they have experienced faster time to close 59% reported higher lifetime value 71% have seen higher conversion rates Even more compelling, over 14% of customers who visit a referral page will take action. This is huge for business, especially when you consider 90% of consumers report word-of-mouth recommendations are the [...]

  • How to Improve Your Conversions with User Behavior Analytics
18 04, 2017

How to Improve Your Conversions with User Behavior Analytics

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Like every other business, you want to improve your conversions. But the problem is you’re not sure how to get started, or where to start. This is only natural because there are so many elements that come into play in conversion optimization. Most importantly, you need to understand your customers, and how they behave. This understanding can help you adjust your conversion rate optimization efforts. In this post, you’ll learn all about user behavior analytics, and how you can use them [...]

  • boost conversions cro shane barker
11 04, 2017

3 Essentials of CRO and How to Optimize Them to Boost Conversions

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You’ve been mulling over it for months. And you’ve finally made a decision. You’re going to put in a more organized effort with conversion rate optimization to improve your conversion rate and your overall performance. The only problem is, you’re not sure how to get started. There are so many elements and channels that need optimizing, so the whole process can seem overwhelming. To help you get started with an organized CRO effort, here are the three essentials you should focus on [...]

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