Are you struggling to meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality content?

Whether you’re a blogger, small business owner, or marketer failing to strike a balance between quality and quantity, I’ve got some game-changing news for you.

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Introducing ContentShake by Semrush一your ultimate AI content writing tool.

In a world where quality content is king, ContentShake AI takes the crown for simplifying how you craft exceptional content.

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Say goodbye to writer's block, tedious research, and countless hours spent on content production. Semrush’s ContentShake is here to assist you every step of the way.

Wondering how?

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What ContentShake is all about.
  • Its pros and cons.
  • How to use this AI writer to your advantage.
  • How ContentShake has helped publishers like Blogging Wizard save time on content creation.

So, let’s dive in and make content creation a stress-free and efficient process for you.

Quick Answer – TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

  • ContentShake is a powerful content writing tool that uses AI to generate content ideas, write articles faster, and optimize copy for competitive data and SEO.
  • It is a powerful AI content tool for anyone who wants to scale content production, keep a tab on content quality, or spend fewer resources on content creation. However, ensure you’re an expert on the topic; never rely on AI solely.
  • You can start using this Semrush content tool for free. However, for unlimited content ideas and unlimited AI generations, subscribe for $60/month.

What is ContentShake?

ContentShake is Semrush's all-in-one content writing tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to help you create content that clicks with your customers.

It empowers content creators, marketers, and businesses to create more quality articles using AI and competitive data. From ideation to publishing, it assists you in doing it all.

What Can ContentShake Help You With?

With Semrush’s ContentShake AI, you can:

  • Get fresh content ideas for your blog.
  • Analyze what’s trending in your niche.
  • Writer articles faster with a smart AI writer that quickly generates a well-structured outline, introduction, headings, and more.
  • Enrich your articles with recent relevant statistics, data, and images based on competitive data.
  • See the titles, introductions, and structure used by your competitors for articles ranking on the same topic as yours.
  • Customize content according to your SEO target keywords and your brand’s tone of voice.
  • Optimize your copy for improved readability and higher search rankings.
  • Spot errors in your text and improve it with AI-powered suggestions.
  • Expand, summarize, rephrase, or simplify text with AI suggestions.
  • Convert paragraphs into lists with one click.
  • Publish articles directly to your WordPress blog without leaving the tool.
  • Share the content with your team using its Google Docs integration.

You can start using ContentShake for all of this for free!

Who Should Use ContentShake一AI Writing Tool?

Anyone can use ContentShake AI as it’s easy to use.

Whether you want to scale content production, keep a tab on content quality, or spend fewer resources on content creation, this AI content tool will fulfill your needs.

  • Content creators
  • Bloggers
  • Marketing teams
  • Solopreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Agencies

How to Use ContentShake AI in Content Writing

Using AI in content writing can undoubtedly help you increase efficiency, save time and resources, and improve results. However, ensure you use AI under human supervision.

76% of marketers are already using generative AI in content creation and it has helped increase their marketing ROI.

Now it’s your turn to revolutionize how you produce content.

Here’s my step-by-step guide on how to use ContentShake AI to produce excellent content that converts:

1. Get Content Ideas for Any Topic or Keyword

Begin by inputting your topic or keyword. Click on the “Start for free” button.

contentshake enter topic or keyword for content ideas

ContentShake’s AI system analyzes the given topic or keyword to understand your content’s intent. It gathers information from reliable sources on the web and comprehends the context and nuances of the subject matter.

This helps it generate content ideas that are relevant to your topic. These ideas are mostly based on recent trends and real questions from your audience.

contentshake ideas for topic - content development

ContentShake helps you discover the top low-competition keywords and topics that have a higher potential of driving traffic to your blog.

P.S. You can also use other keyword research tools to add related keywords for each ContentShake article.

2. Create a Well-Structured Draft with ContentShake AI

ContentShake AI employs natural language processing techniques to understand the structure and style of well-written content. It learns from a vast database of professionally crafted articles, blog posts, and other resources to generate content that sounds authentic and human-like.

All you need to do is click on the “Start writing” button next to any suggested idea. ContentShake will generate a draft that includes an outline, introduction, headers, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Here’s an example of ContentShake AI doing the heavy lifting for you. See how it generates a high-performing article outline and draft for you in one click:

You can also customize your target keywords, readability level, word count, and tone of voice for each article.

add custom keywords, word count, readability level, tone of voice for contentshake ai articles

3. Write with ContentShake’s Compose with AI Feature

Once you’ve got the first draft, you can structure the article better, edit the outline, and add your content. You can also use its “Compose with AI” feature to write paragraphs in one click.

It also gives you an “Ask AI” feature where you can ask the AI writer to generate specific introductions, images, or text based on your instructions. It also allows you to:

  • Turn a paragraph into a list.
  • Expand or summarize some text.
  • Rephrase text.
  • Simplify text for improved readability.
  • Add text covering specific points and data that you want to include in the section.

See ContentShake generative AI in action here:

While you can start using it for free, you’ll soon spot its limitations (3 articles/month and 30 AI generations/month). For unlimited AI-writing assistance, consider upgrading to its Unlimited plan for $60/month.

4. Optimize and Improve the AI-Generated Content with Competitive Data

ContentShake一Semrush’s AI content tool doesn’t stop there. It goes beyond content creation and focuses on helping you optimize the generated content for users and search engines.

You can view the article structure used by top-ranking competitors in the right-side panel by clicking on “Competitor data.” This includes:

  • Titles
  • Introductions
  • Images
  • Facts and data
  • Structure – H2s and H3s

This makes it easier to optimize your content for missing points.

Other than competitive data, ContentShake AI also analyzes the generated content for readability, grammar, and SEO-friendliness. It provides you with a score for the overall quality of your content along with actionable tips to improve the score.

All of this in one place!

5. Publish Content Directly to Your WordPress Blog

Write, optimize, and publish all of your content articles from one place.

ContentShake AI seamlessly integrates with Google Docs and WordPress, making it easier to publish content directly to your WordPress blog.

semrush contentshake wordpress plugin for easy publishing

6. Monitor Your Content Performance with Semrush

Congratulations, you’ve successfully published your article with ContentShake AI. But your job doesn't end with publishing.

For content marketing success, you need to monitor your content's performance. Semrush’s Position Tracking tool lets you see where your content ranks for the target keyword.

semrush's position tracking tool

Monitor your SERP position changes over time and improve your content continuously to increase its ROI.

Generate Content That Clicks with Customers

ContentShake Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

Pros of ContentShake

  • Data-driven content ideas and competitive insights
  • Fast AI responses
  • High-performing article outlines in one click
  • SEO-friendly content optimized for the AI suggested and additional keywords you add
  • Generative AI that helps overcome writer’s block and produce content faster
  • Up-to-date statistics and data to add value to your article
  • AI and data-driven suggestions for improvement in terms of readability, tone, and SEO
  • Easy integration with Google Docs
  • Semrush ContentShake WordPress plugin for direct publishing to your blog

Cons of ContentShake

  • Currently available only in the English language
  • A slight learning curve to training the AI writer for beginners (I’ve tested many AI writing tools and ContentShake is extremely easy to use.)

ContentShake AI Content Writing Tool: User Satisfaction and Benefits

ContentShake AI allows you to create high-quality content and customize it to meet your brand’s voice and target audience. This makes it a favorite AI content writing tool for many marketers, content creators, and businesses.

contentshake review by adam of blogging wizard

How Much Does ContentShake Cost? Free vs. Unlimited

ContentShake by Semrush offers a free version for content creators and marketing teams on a budget. It's an excellent starting point.

With the free version, you can explore the tool's basic features and get a feel for how it can assist you in content creation. However, it comes with limitations in terms of the number of content ideas, articles, and AI suggestions you can use.

I’ve compared ContentShake’s Free vs. Unlimited access to help you make an informed choice:

Start using it for freeSubscribe for $60/month
9 content ideas per week (3 topics with 3 ideas each)25 content ideas per week (5 topics with 5 ideas each)
30 Compose with AI and rewrite features per monthUnlimited Compose with AI and rewrite features
3 articles per monthUnlimited articles per month
More AI suggestions
One-click WordPress publishing

ContentShake: Is It as Good as They Say?

While ContentShake AI is a game-changer in the world of content creation, there is something you shouldn’t forget:

“AI-generated content can never be a substitute for human-generated content.”

If you’re an expert on the topic you’re writing about, using AI content tools like ContentShake can help you save time and write more quality content faster. It will fuel your content marketing success like never before.

However, if you solely rely on AI to create content on a topic you know nothing about, you are less likely to create helpful content that could rank well in the SERPs.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you using AI in content creation to increase efficiency?
  • Or, are you using AI to produce content with no purpose?

If it’s to streamline your content creation process, save time, and power your articles with AI and competitive data, then this is the tool for you.

Which other content writing tools do you use to level up your content marketing game? Share them in the comments below.

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